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Recipe: Anchor Ravi Satiates Your Sweet Cravings With His Simple And Easy Egg Pudding

Sneha Bale

July 29, 2020

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A good dessert is the best medicine. Make your lockdown blues go away with Anchor Ravi’s Egg Pudding recipe, in a few simple steps. Check it out.

Anchor Ravi is back again to feed our ever-hungry souls and stomach. After the delicious haleem, this time our favourite anchor is here with yet another interesting dish, which also happens to be a lip-smacking dessert. It’s easy and super delicious – it’s an egg pudding!

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Take a clean bowl and break three eggs into it. Whisk it well and add one teaspoon of any available essence. Vanilla essence works well, but you could also use mango essence the way Ravi does. Add a cup of milk into it. Grind a few cardamoms or add the ready-made cardamom powder directly into the mix.

Now, allow the mixture to stay as it is. Ravi also showed us an easy hack to giving this egg pudding a plush Creme Brulee effect. Start by taking any container, like a cake tin. Instead of greasing it with butter, drop some regular sugar into it. Hold it with a handle and keep moving it over the flame of the stove.

Anchor Ravi - Egg Pudding recipe
Anchor Ravi – Egg Pudding recipe

Within 40-60 seconds, the sugar should start caramelising and thickening in its spot. When you achieve good colour on the caramelised sugar, set it aside to cool down. Now, pour the egg mixture over it.

Take your idli cooker and place this tin in it. If you can, use baking stones or a wire rack to keep under the tin. Allow it to cook for a good amount of time. If you want, you can keep checking it too.

When done, take the tin out and let it come to room temperature. Take a serving dish and flip the tin on it. When you pick it up, it’ll be ready to dig in!

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