Raza Murad Remembers The Late Rajiv Kapoor; Says ‘He Was Lonely, But There Was No Bitterness’

Raza Murad recently opened up on the death of Rajiv Kapoor, who has been a great friend to him over the years. Have a look at the details here.

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February 12, 2021

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Rajiv Kapoor’s sudden death has left the entire country in a state of shock and most people have been wishing for his peace through their social media handles. Actor Raza Murad, who has been close to the late actor over the years, recently spoke about the immense loss and what his life was like when they worked together. He put special emphasis on his humble and sweet attitude, which let him treat every work and every person equally. He would stay with the workers and did not demand any privileges even though he was from the Kapoor family. Raza Murad shed some light on his Bollywood career and said that Rajiv Kapoor was not quite successful but he did not let it show in any circumstances.

Here is a look at the ZEE5 video with details related to Raze Murad’s take on Rajiv Kapoor’s life:

Raza Murad recently opened up on the death of his close friend Rajiv Kapoor, who passed away in Chembur due to a cardiac arrest. He said, “Just like any other assistant, he would clean the roads, he would run the trolleys and also lived with the workers. One could never say that he is a part of such a huge family, just by seeing his conduct and work. He treated every worker equally. I have never heard him scold any worker. On many instances, Rishi Kapoor would yell at him in front of everyone. He would always listen to it intently and would maintain respect for his elder brother. This came from Raj Kapoor’s upbringing. He wanted his children to live an ordinary life. Even when we went outdoor, he would live with the workers.”

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Raza Murad also threw some light on his professional life as he stated, “Luck did not favour him. His movies did not work. He made a good film named Prem Granth but it did not work. He even made a serial for DD2 and that did not work either. Even his personal life was not its best. Various actors who were not as good as him, walked ahead even though Rajiv Kapoor was more talented. So luck never favoured Rajiv Kapoor. He was lonely but there was no bitterness.”

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