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Ratris Khel Chale 3: With Anna Naik’s Return, Here’s A Look At 5 Characters Who’ll Be On His Hit List!

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May 15, 2021

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With Anna’s return, the viewers are now eager for some nail-biting action. Here are few characters who might get under the radar of Anna Naik!

There has been a much-needed change in the way the audience perceives horror stories. Earlier, it was all about spooky figures and booming background score. However, the new-age shows are primarily narrative based and grounded in reality. These slow-burn yet realistic dramas have restored the audience’s faith back in the genre. And Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale is one of them. With a nail-biting storyline and relatable characters, the show has kept the viewers hooked to their screens.

After the successful first two seasons, the threequel of the show has created a wave in the world of television shows. Ratris Khel Chale 3 follows the story of the Naik family dealing with the aftermath of Anna Naik’s death and Neelima’s arrest. This continuation saga is receiving a great response from the audience. Also, the makers never fail to treat the viewers with intriguing subplots. Saying so, the horror drama has now reached an interesting peak point.

With Anna’s return, the viewers are now eager for some nail-biting action. So, here’s taking a look at 5 characters who will be on Anna Naik’s hit list.


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If there’s someone who really ought to worry about Anna’s return, it is none other than Raghunath. At a time, Raghu was Anna’s best friend and a partner-in-crime. Both of them along with Nene lawyer duped the innocent villagers and had an authoritarian hold over the village. However, things turned upside down after Anna’s sudden death. And Raghu took greater advantage of this situation. He not only duped the Naiks but also ended up marrying Anna’s daughter Chhaya.

In one of the recent episodes, we saw Anna warning him of his antics. So, Raghu would have definitely topped the hit list.


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Undoubtedly, Salgaonkar is the jack of all trades however, it’s his cunning persona that gets him under the radar of people. And after Anna’s death, he tried his best to sell off the wada unbeknownst to the Naiks. Before Abhiram’s visit, there were only the ruins of the wada. Considering this, Salgaonkar tried to illegally sell the wada. And even now, he has teamed up with Sushma to ruin the Naiks.

Thus, we can say that Salgaonkar will also be on Anna’s hit list.


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Though Anna Naik was not a doting father, his love for his grandchildren was more than anything else. As seen in the first season, Datta’s daughter Purva was her most-favourite one. And now, in the threequel, we saw how Purva is suffering the most from her indefinite marriage. While she looks after her mentally unstable husband, her father-in-law Tatya sexually abuses her. 

So, there are chances that Anna Naik might fix this problem. We might see Tatya getting under the radar of Anna Naik.


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Sushma is Anna Naik’s illegitimate daughter and he had hated her since her birth. As seen in the second season, Anna made several desperate attempts to get rid of her but to no avail. And this time we might see Anna creating problems for Sushma. However, Shevanta would definitely restrict him and try to save her daughter. So, this would make for an interesting clash between Anna and Shevanta.


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For those unversed, Datta is also an illegitimate son of Anna Naik. However, after his mother’s death, Indumati raised him as her own son. And Datta proved out to be the most responsible and dutiful son of the Naiks. However, the equations have changed in the third season. Greed has taken over Datta and he is secretly trying to usurp the Naiks’ ancestral property. 

Anna would definitely want to teach him a lesson. Well, this would make for another interesting subplot.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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