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Ratris Khel Chale 3: Five Startling Surprises In The Threequel That Were No Less Than Truth Bombs!

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May 7, 2021

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These unexpected plot twists are the hallmark of Ratris Khel Chale 3. While it brought in an interesting change in the storyline, fans are still reeling over them. Check it out!

Audiences have a certain expectation from horror stories. These might range from character transformations, plenty of jump scares to riveting plot twists. And not all horror dramas can perfectly live up to these vital cinematic aspects. However, Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale has been an exception in this genre. Laden with an intriguing storyline, the show has been a great pick for the viewers obsessed with horror stories. While the first two seasons were widely hailed, the new threequel has also lived up to its theme.

The story of the prosperous Naik family in Ratris Khel Chale 3 has been quite a tragic one. While the character equations have changed completely, the Naiks are trying to get rid of the wada. And all these unexpected plotlines have kept the viewers hooked to their screens. After the first and second seasons, the viewers were completely shocked to see the ‘new picture’ of the Naik clan. However, the viewers also believed that this was bound to happen!

So, here’s taking a look at 5 startling surprises in Ratris Khel Chale that were no less than truth bombs

Raghu And Chhaya’s Relationship

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The most insane twist in this continuing saga was Chhaya and Raghu Kaka’s relationship. They both got married to each other and have forged an ashram to dupe people from their saintly gimmicks. For those unaware, Anna’s daughter Chhaya suffered from the trauma of her failed marriage and was staying with the Naiks. On the other hand, Raghu Kaka was Anna’s partner in crime and acted as a well-wisher of the Naiks.

Both Raghu and Chhaya getting married was quite unexpected. But we also can’t overlook Raghu’s greed for the wada and Chhaya’s desperate need to survive in the village. This might have led to their absurd relationship.

Archis’ Suicidal Death!

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While the viewers were aware of Neelima’s arrest in the first season, they were eager about her son Archis. It was just recently revealed by Chhaya that Archis committed suicide after getting aware of Neelima’s truth. And that was quite a shocker for us! The viewers believed that Archis would play a vital role in this threequel. But him being dead was as an unexpected surprise in the story.

Purva’s Married Life

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The beloved daughter of the Naiks was the favourite of the family. However, she fell prey to her parents, Datta, and Sarita’s greed. They married Purva to a mentally unstable man for the sake of money. And now Purva’s life has turned no less than hell with her father-in-law Tatya sexually abusing her. However, the viewers still have hope that Abhiram would rescue her from this horrifying tragedy.

From A Family Man To The Devious-Minded!

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Datta was the main protagonist in the first season of the show. After Anna Naik’s death, he stood firmly with his family. There were times when he sacrificed his happiness to be there for his siblings. To be precise, he was a complete family man. However, in the threequel, Datta has certainly transformed from a hero to a villain. Driven by greed, he is trying to dupe all the family members. His devious-minded personality was another surprise for the viewers.

Abhiram’s Second Marriage

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Abhiram’s marriage was the central setting in the first season. However, it was postponed after Anna Naik’s death, And now in the threequel, the makers gave us another surprise with the truth of Abhiram’s failed marriage. Abhiram had divorced his first wife Devika and had gotten married to Kaveri, his colleague. It was Devika’s superstitious views that fueled problems in their marriage. And ultimately, Abhiram called off their relationship.

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