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Ratris Khel Chale 3: 5 Reasons Why Shevanta Is More Than A Villain In The Show

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April 10, 2021

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Shevanta’s terrifying and powerful persona has made her the most-loved vamp on television. Here’s taking a look at why she continues to be one of the most popular fictional characters on the small screens.

What makes for a great horror TV show? While many people would say an intriguing and spooky storyline, others would emphasize upon interesting characters. Though both these elements play a vital part, the latter one defines the genre, making the story worth remembering. The menacing figures in a horror show ultimately become the soul of the story. In a similar instance, Zee Marathi’s Ratris Khel Chale has become a character-driven horror series with characters like Anna Naik and Shevanta ruling the small screens.

Apart from a gripping storyline, the makers have largely focused upon well-written characters which keep the viewers rooting for more. Saying so, the character of Shevanta became a fan-fascination in the second season of Ratris Khel Chale. And now in the threequel too, the popularity of Shevanta is exponentially rising. Her terrifying and powerful persona has made her the most-loved vamp of television. While she has dark shades to her character, she’s not completely evil and has often shown her softer side.

So, here’s taking a look at five reasons why Shevanta’s character is more than a villain.

Grey-Turned-Devious Character

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Though Shevanta has an imagery of a demonic character now, she became a fan-favourite due to the different shades in her persona. Her character has seen an epic transformation right from the second season to the threequel now. As shown in the sequel, her real name was Kumudini and she was married to a government official. Eventually, she fell in love with Anna Naik and that illicit affair changed her life forever.

Unlike other love interests of Anna, Shevanta had her personal reasons for getting married to Anna Naik. After the death of her husband and for the sake of her survival she decided to tie the knot with him. And her grey character further evolved into a devious one after a series of tragic incidents.

Romantic Obsession

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Shevanta’s romantic obsession with Anna Naik became a major aspect of the story. Her character morphed from an innocent lover to an obsessed one. She did everything possible to impress Anna and always kept him close to her. Shevanta’s obsession ultimately created problems for Anna and he ended up creating another mansion especially for her. 

Watching Shevanta as a psychic lover gave the audience the much-needed chills. This is another reason why Shevanta became a vital character and more than a villain on the show.

An Atypical Vamp

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For those unversed, Kumudini aka Shevanta was a well-educated woman. Remember when Nene lawyer tried to dupe her, she backfired him. She has always been an atypical vamp. Neither did she plot plans against the Naiks nor she supported Anna Naik’s evil acts. At times, Shevanta went against Anna Naik and restricted him from his cruel antics against the innocent villagers.

Though Shevanta was no less than a vamp for the Naiks, she always tried her best to maintain a good relationship with Indumati, Anna’s wife.

Tragedy Of A Mother

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Many times the viewers sympathized with Shevanta’s character especially when she fought for the sake of her daughter. We witnessed a great change in Shevanta after she embraced motherhood. She was a doting mother to Sushma and solely raised her. The biggest shocker for Shevanta came when Anna became ignorant of Sushma.

That was the first time when Shevanta was mirrored with the reality of life. She tried her best to escape from the village, however, nothing worked out for her. Shevanta as a tragic mother was the most emotional moment on the show. And while she turned into a vamp, there’s was always this humane side to her.

A One-Woman Army

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Though Shevanta was a disloyal wife, she always cared for her husband. And when Anna Naik murdered him, Shevanta solely fought against him. Her bold and unapologetic persona made her an eccentric character on the show. Also, remember when Anna and Raghu strangled ‘Sontya’ to death, Shevanta realized her mistake. And she went on to seek revenge but unfortunately lost her own life.

Overall, Shevanta’s persona has an interesting character graph which makes her one of the well-written characters on television.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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