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Rani Rashmoni fame Ditipriya Roy is an expression queen; so much that she sums up our Monday-Sunday feels pretty aptly

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December 28, 2020

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Rani Rashmoni fame Ditipriya Roy has the perfect expression that represents our mood for each day of the week, would you agree?

The popular period-drama show Rani Rashmoni, that is based on the life of Rani Rashmoni herself, stars Ditipriya Roy as Rani Maa, Sourav Saha as Gadadhar Chattopadhyay, and Gourab Chatterjee as Mathurbabu in lead roles. Ditipriya Roy, who plays the role of Rani Maa, is a versatile, talented and young actor who has received widespread recognition due to her brilliant acting skills. Being an active Instagram user, the actor shares several photos with her followers on the platform and her expressions can perfectly make for the moods we all have during a week.

Watch what will happen next on Rani Rashmoni here:

Monday – looking back at the weekend

Spending some amazing time with friends or family on a nice weekend and not being able to stop thinking about it when Monday arrives; we have all done that, haven’t we?

Is it only Tuesday today?

It is such a pain to realise that it is only Tuesday when Monday has already given you enough stress that will last for the week. It is simply so disappointing!

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Wednesday – why is midweek crisis so difficult?

The third day of the week  feels like a complete drag as we all struggle to get out of our midweek crisis. Have you ever figured why it is such a task?

Thursday – can we get to Friday already?

Thursday brings with it some ray of hope but also some desperation. Nearing the weekend easily feels like a well-deserved prize after a week of heavy workload or some intensive studies. We really cannot wait for it to be here already. Where are you, Fryyay?

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Friday – why haven’t you arrived yet, weekend?

Friday is literally a waiting game. None of us can really deny that we all have wanted the day to end right as it begins so we can either go back to our beds for a long nap or go out and have fun with friends. Looking forward to the weekend is all we do.

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This is undeniably the best day of the week. Zero work pressure, less study time and more fun. From grabbing lunch to going out on dates and from napping to partying with friends, Saturday offers it all.

Are you over already, Sunday?

Realising your downtime is already over is heartbreaking, we know. We have been there and realising that the weekend just flew right past is just sad. All we can do is prep for the coming week and look forward to the next weekend.

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