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Rahul Dev Reveals His Lesser Known Side And Some Fun Facts About Him In This Interview

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April 12, 2021

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In an exclusive interview, Rahul Dev shares some ups and down about his life. The actor also talked about his upcoming film Raat Baaki Hai and experience doing his own stunts.

ZEE5 has been entertaining the audience with many experimental thrillers. Whether you love slow-burn thrillers or nail-biting murder mysteries, ZEE5 has an array of some noteworthy dramas. In a similar instance, the OTT platform will be yet again treating the audience with an intriguing whodunnit Raat Baaki Hai. In this suspense-driven film, actor Rahul Dev will be playing a never-seen-before cop.

The actor has given the audience an interesting glimpse of his on-screen character through the trailer. While the audience is eagerly waiting for the film’s release, we have got you some interesting insights shared by actor Rahul Dev himself. The 52-year-old star opened up about his personal and professional life in an exclusive interview with ZEE5. Read on…

Are you a morning person or a night person?

Rahul answered that he’s a night person adding, “that’s the one thing I won’t change about myself.”

What keeps you grooving during the night?

Rahul said it’s not always music and it can be anything else. “It can be a book or just by watching the news,” Rahul said. He also added that “sometimes it’s about exercising.”

Tea or Coffee?

The actor revealed, “I don’t drink tea at all though I’ve been recommended to.” About coffee, he said he prefers espresso.

Gym or Yoga?

Rahul said that currently, he’s into resting after several injuries. He said, “Earlier I have been involved in heavy training sessions but now I’m not that gym-freak.” It is kind of a “mismatch” right now, he added.

One thing that makes you angry?

“There are so many things that can upset you,” Rahul answered. Being specific, he said, “irresponsible people” can make him furious at times.

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Have you ever used your star status to get away?

Rahul admitted that the ‘star status’ helps a lot at the airport. He said, “Not breaking of laws but it does help when you’re late at the airport.”

What was the last lie that you said?

Rahul honestly answered saying, “It’s not that I speak lies.” Sharing one instance, he said, “During a show, they promised me to give a 20-minute headstart, and then backed off. Due to this, I had to lie about my arrival.”

Any interesting anecdote you remember?

Rahul recalled the times when he was quite new in the film industry. He said, “While shooting for Aan-Men At Work, I had to perform a stunt from the top floor of the building. I was very confident about it but when I reached the top floor, I felt dizzy and a bit nervous. I called my wife, enquired about my son, and then hung up the call. And the next moment, I went on with the stunt.”

Also, sharing one incident from his latest release Love Scandal And Doctors, Rahul talked about how his co-star Ayush Shrivastava performed a stunt perfectly after several takes.

What is your cheat meal like?

Rahul said that due to the current times of pandemic, there’s no such cheat meal for him. But the actor revealed that he loves “Chhole-Bhature, Aloo-Tikki, and Gol-Gappa”. The actor also had a long list of ice-creams and chocolates that gets him smitten.

The worst comment you’ve received on social media?

Rahul stated that he receives comments for his villainous roles. The actor also added, “People comment about my change in physique after injuries. Also, many of them ask to comment on the social issues prevailing in the nation.” The actor concluded by saying that it’s “the personal choice” he has made.

The actor also talked about getting targeted for being unmasked amidst shoots. Rahul said, “People don’t get it, we had to take our masks off while shooting.” The actor also added, “I have been tested 20 times for Covid as of now. And we can’t keep the masks on while filming.”

What’s the most romantic thing you have done for your partner?

Rahul recalled the time when he had a show in Malaysia and he surprised his late wife by making her accompany him on the show. He said, “I had to travel solo to Malaysia for a show but later I surprised her at the last moment by booking her ticket unbeknownst to her.” He added that they celebrated the tour in Kuala Lumpur.

Your favourite holiday destination?

Rahul answered, “I am more of a sun person but I have numerous places that I love.” The actor named Mauritius, England and Canada. He mentioned that his son studies in England, hence it’s a destination that’s always on his list and Canada since his master Tarneiv ji resides there.

About his Master…

Talking about his master Tarneiv ji, Rahul shared how Canada became a special place for him. He said, “Canada is extremely special for me because my master stays there. I met him after I took a break from show business in 2011. In 2009, I lost my partner, and then until 2011, I was completing the film projects that I had on my work front. After which, I didn’t want to start anything. I decided to take a break and moved to Delhi.”

He added, “In 2013, at Delhi airport, I met Tarneiv Ji and was blessed. So, he stays in Toronto, and every year we used to have 3-4 trips there. Unfortunately, it’s been a long time now and it’s divine there.”

A favourite quote you live by?

Rahul answered saying, “Live and let live is quite a typical saying but it is very relevant even in today’s times.”

One lesson you’ve learned from your mother?

Being on the sanskari lines, Rahul answered, “I have learned a set of good values from my mother.” However, further the actor shared a horrifying incident his mother had survived. He was quoted saying, “My mother had survived a genocide when she was young. She used to share those stories with us about how my grandfather raised them during those bad times. So, that story of survival inspires me always. My mother has a great perspective to look towards things.”

One parenting advice you’ll give to single parents?

Rahul very truly said, “Even I have made mistakes as a single parent when I was new to it. So I myself prefer refraining from anyone’s advice.” He also stressed the fact that “children need to be heard”. We don’t need to impose our ideas on them,” he added.

Your favourite thrillers?

Rahul answered, “I am a David Fincher fan, I also love the TV series Fargo.” Further talking about his favourite Hindi thrillers Rahul listed Talaash, Badlapur, and Mom as his favourite thrillers. Also, Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining is one of Rahul’s most-loved thrillers. The actor also revealed that he admires the making of this epic Kubrick horror.

What was your first reaction when you read the script of Raat Baaki Hai?

Rahul admitted that it was very difficult for him to figure out the culprit of this whodunnit while he was reading the script. He said, “When I first read it, it made for a great read. It was tight and flowed very well. Through most of the script, I didn’t really make out who was the real culprit behind the murder mystery.

Did you watch the play on which the film is based on?

Rahul revealed that the play stands as a basic inspiration to the film’s story. He said that a lot of new characters and elements were added to the film. He also said, “No, I haven’t watched the play. But the film is not solely based on the play. A lot of new characters and especially the cop-crack part was not in that one-act play,” he said.

How was your experience shooting amidst the pandemic?

Rahul said that shooting in Rajasthan was more comfortable. “Earlier too, I had spent a lot of time in Rajasthan so I have a strong association with this place,” Rahul said. He further added, “I preferred shooting outdoors than in Mumbai because it was safer there. There were no cases in Ranthambore.”

For those unversed, Raat Baki Hai also features Annup Sonii, Paoli Dam, and Dipannita Sharma in pivotal roles. The film will be exclusively streaming on ZEE5 on April 16, 2021.

Meanwhile, stay tuned to ZEE5 for more interesting content and stories.

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