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5 Traits That Prove Naagini 2’s Shivani Will Go To Any Extent To Avenge Her Lover’s Death


July 3, 2020

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Which are the qualities that make Shivani an attractive and enigmatic woman? Read on to find out more

Shivani from Naagini 2 who is now on the journey of seeking vengeance for her lover Adisesha’s death is not only an ideal partner but also a woman with power and a steely resolve. She is a source of inspiration to women as she is strong and determined. Here are some of the personality traits that make her as attractive as she is.

Shivani’s selfless love for Adisesha is almost rare but refreshing to see. But soon, things turn around and Adisesha is killed within hours of uniting with Shivani. A team led by Digvijay is seen attacking Adisesha with the intention of obtaining the naagamani. However, when Adisesha is killed in the process of trying to protect the naagamani, Shivani takes a decision to seek vengeance for her lover’s death.

Shivani’s ‘never give in’ attitude leaves an impact on viewers when we see her go in search of Adisesha who has taken the form of a small boy. She finds out that between Trivikrama and Trishul, one of them is her lover. However, before she can identify the same, she falls into the trap of a snake charmer and is locked up for the next 10 years. Guruji, then, performs certain rituals after which she comes back to her human form. What really takes the audience by surprise is her willingness to find her lover even after her life was in danger. She doesn’t think of giving up and goes back on earth to find Adisesha.

A still of Adishesha and Shivani
A still of Adishesha and Shivani

She is also a confident woman with a very innocent and honest aura. This is also what Trishul finds the most attractive about her.

She is reserved as a person and keeps to herself. She only lets out the information that people need to know and her mysterious personality is what makes her attractive and irresistible.

Shivani’s positivity and belief that she will find Adisesha who has taken the form of Trishul is powerful and comes through to the audience. What makes this show intriguing to see is the extent to which Shivani goes to find her lover.

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