MP Government Bans Sale Of Crackers Depicting Images Of Hindu Gods And Goddesses

Following the Shivraj government order, a group of right-wing extremists threatened to burn down the shop of a Muslim firecracker seller if any packet with Hindu Gods or Goddesses were sold

Raghav N

November 5, 2020

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A video showing a group of Hindu youth threatening shopkeepers selling crackers in Dewas in Madhya Pradesh has gone viral. This comes shortly after the state’s chief minister, Shivraj Singh Chouhan urged people to sell indigenous stock and placed a ban on supplying crackers with photographs of Hindu Gods and Goddesses to customers.

The footage has a group of angry saffron-scarfed youth warning a Muslim seller to not be seen with supplies displaying religious photos, or be ready to have their entire business burnt down. One of the right-wing members can also be heard saying that he will get the license of the owner cancelled within two minutes.

The self-proclaimed guardians of the religion claimed that patrons often use the contents on Diwali and leave the packet covers on the floors. This leads to people kicking the worshipped gods and goddesses unknowingly, thus hurting the sentiments of the community.

Shopkeepers have expressed anger at the extreme behavior of the protesters, citing that a police complaint should be lodged if there is any issue at all.

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