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8 Times Sarla from Kundali Bhagya Showed That A Mother’s Love Is The Most Powerful Force On Earth

Aditi Sharma

November 21, 2020

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A mother would do everything for her kids. Well, Sarla is no different. Time and again she has proved that she would go to any extent to keep her daughter happy. Read on to know more.

In the show Kundali Bhagya, Preeta has faced several obstacles in her life. However, her family never stopped to look after her. Her mother Sarla has always stood for her. Be it protecting her from evils plans of Sherlyn or sabotaging Mahira to protect her marriage, Sarla has done it all for her daughter Preeta. She has always proved to be a great mother and put herself in danger to protect her daughters. Here are some incidents where Sarla stood up for her daughters.

1.Sarla asking Mahira not to keep Karvachauth fast

In the recent episode, Sarla visits Luthra house to give dessert for Preeta’s Karvachauth. Mahira sees everyone talking nicely to Sarla and gets jealous. She says that she will also keep the Karvachauth fast for Karan. Sarla tells her that she is not married and therefore she cannot do that. Sarla stands up for Preeta and also tells Ramona that this is wrong.

2. Sarla convinces Rakhi that Mahira is affecting Preeta-Karan’s marriage

When Preeta was kidnapped by Prithvi, Sarla spoke for her daughter and told everyone that she wouldn’t leave until her daughter is back home safe and sound. Sarla also tells Rakhi that she needs to look out for her family and understand that Mahira is affecting Karan and Preeta’s marriage. After Sarla convinced Rakhi, Mahira was dragged out of the house and asked to leave as now Preeta is married to Karan.

3. Sarla slapping Mahira for insulting Preeta

During Preeta and Karan’s reception, after Prithvi kidnaps Preeta, Mahira tells everyone that she left to marry Prithvi. She also tells Sarla that her daughter ran away with Prithvi. Sarla gets angry and slaps Mahira in front of everyone. This is not the first time that Sarla stood against people who questioned Preeta’s character. She always stands firm in front of people who hurts her daughter.

4.Sarla asks Preeta to teach Mahira a lesson

When Preeta runs from Prithvi and comes back to Luthra house. She meets Sarla and she tells her to teach Mahira a lesson as she has always plotted against her. She also asks Preeta to tell her that she cannot be Karan’s wife. Preeta then decides to teach Mahira a lesson as she meets her in Luthra house.

5.Sarla scolds Prithvi for questioning Preeta’s character 

After Preeta secretly got married to Karan, Prithvi went to Sarla and gave her the news of Karan and Preeta’s marriage. Prithvi also questions Preeta’s character which upsets Sarla and slaps Prithvi. He tries to explain his point but Janki drags him out of the house. He pushes Janki which upsets Sarla more and she asks him to leave.

6.Sarla decides to look after Srishti

After Preeta and Karan’s reception, Sarla sits at home and thinks about Srishti and Sameer. She thinks that Srishti is very innocent and considers Sameer a good friend but Luthra house members would destroy Srishti’s innocence by blaming her for getting close to Sameer. She decides to keep Srishti away from Luthra house so to protect her from Luthra family.

7.Sarla exposes Sherlyn

Sherlyn has always tried to plot against Preeta. Once in the show, Sherlyn and Prithvi hired goons to hurt Preeta. However, Sarla gets to know about the truth. She takes the goons to Luthra house and asks the goons to tell the truth. Sherlyn gets stunned to see him and tries to escape but the goon takes her name leaving everyone shocked.

8.Sarla slaps Karan when he didn’t stand for Preeta

When Preeta was arrested in the crime to make an attempt to kill Mahira, Karan was supposed to save Preeta in the court. But he gets late and Preeta is taken to jail. Sarla slaps Karan and tells him that Preeta did so much for his family but he broke her trust. She also tells Karan that every time she tries to trust him, he does something which she never thought of.

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