Mazhya Navryachi Bayko: With Two Failed Relationships, Here’s What Gurunath Can Do To Make Things Work With Maya

Both of Gurunath’s former relationships failed because of his mistakes and now that he is with Maya, here is what he can do to make it work with her.

Aboli Vaze

January 9, 2021


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Gurunath from Mazhya Navryachi Baiko just cannot seem to get his love life together. First, he married Radhika then cheated on her with Shanaya then left her for Maya. Now both of his former love interests are happily married and clearly, Gurunath’s relationships failed only because of his mistakes. Now that he is in a relationship with Maya, he should at least try to make it work as best as he can.

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Here is what he can do to ensure that his relationship with Maya lasts:

1. Fidelity

Being a faithful partner has clearly not been Gurunath’s forte and he needs to change that. If he wants Maya to stay in his life forever, then he must never cheat on her as he did with his former partners. If he really loves her as he claims, then being loyal should not be difficult.

2. Balance love life and work-life

Gurunath has always prioritized work over love and that has often created a rift between him and his ex-partners. While there is nothing wrong with wanting a successful career, Gurunath must balance his professional and personal life to make Maya stay.

3. Appreciate Maya

Remember the time Radikha would try to impress Gurunath and he just would not care? She would try so hard to get him to notice her, appreciate her efforts, and pay attention to her but those attempts would go in vain. He should not repeat the same mistakes with Maya.

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko
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4. He should not underestimate Maya

Gurunath has always been a know-it-all who thinks he is better than his partners. He has never believed in them, at least Radhika, and has always underestimated or rebuffed her when it comes to career and other lifestyle choices. He should definitely refrain from underestimating Maya if he sincerely wishes to make it work with her.

5. Jealousy 

There is no room for jealousy when you love someone, right? Gurunath was so jealous of Radhika’s success that he tried to take down her business and hurt her. If Maya were to ever become more successful than him, he should be happy for her instead of trying to jeopardize her career.

Do you think at least this relationship of Gurunath will last?

Source: ZEE5

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