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Mazhya Navryachi Bayko Cast Comes Up With A Sanskari Version Of ‘Biggini Shoot’ Rap! Don’t Miss

Vaishnavi Navalkar

December 2, 2020

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The entire cast of Mazhya Navryachi Bayko recreated a hilarious video of the popular ‘Biggini shoot’ rap. Watch the video below

Mazhya Navryachi Bayko fame Sharmila Rajaram Shinde shared a hilarious video on his Instagram account. Yashraj Mukhate’s popular ‘Bigini shoot’ rap song has been doing rounds on the internet. Many influencers and actors have been recreating the video coming up with their own hilarious versions. Similarly, Mazhya Navryachi Bayko’s Sharmila, who plays the character Jenny (Anand’s wife) on the show, urged the cast of the show to join her and came up with a ‘Sanskari Version’ of the rap song. Watch their hilarious video below:

The ‘Bigini shoot’ video featured Sharmila Rajaram Shinde, Rasika Sunil, Adwait Dadarkar, Mihir Rajda, Ruchira, Abhijeet Khandkekar and Anita Date. The video started with Sharmila Rajaram Shinde delivering her dialogue. The other cast of the show followed suit and played different parts in the entire video. The concept of the video, the direction as well as the editing was done by Sharmila Rajaram Shinde, as mentioned in the video that she posted.

Abhijeet Khandkekar plays the character of Gurunath Subedhar on the show Mazhya Navryachi Bayko. Anita Date portrays the role of his ex-wife Radhika and the owner of a business empire, Radhika Masale. Rasika Sunil plays the character of Shanaya in the show, she is seen as Gurunath’s current wife. Actors Sharmila Shinde and Mihir Rajda play pivotal roles on the show, as a couple. Actor Ruchira is seen as Maya on the show, an interesting newly introduced character.

Currently, on the show, Gurunath and Maya are trying hard to bring down Radhika’s company Radhika Masale. Gurunath warns Radhika that he will bring her down and make her company shut permanently. Meanwhile, Radhika, always being one step ahead of Gurunath has already planned to embarrass him and bring him down with the ad he shot for Radhika’s company. Meanwhile, Maya has mended ways with her old best friend Saumitra unaware about the ad shoot.

Watch the latest promo below:

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