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Maza Hoshil Na’s Aditya and Sai Confront Their True Feelings for Each Other And Other Heartwarming Moments From The Show

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December 4, 2020

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The storyline of Maza Hoshil Na has reached its peak as Aditya and Sai finally come to terms with their true feelings. The recent episode was loaded with heartwarming moments as the title ‘Maza Hoshil Na’ comes to life!

When we pass a certain stage of life, things are bound to get complex with surprises-more-like-shockers stored in for us where we have to make complicated choices. And this particular stage is essayed with utter perfection in Zee Marathi’s Maza Hoshil Na where our protagonist Aditya has to make a tough decision by either opting for Dadamama’s choice or by confronting his true feelings for Sai. The show clearly points out how things don’t always turn out as we want.

The recent episodes of Maza Hoshil Na were weaved with the uncertainty of life as we saw Aditya coming to terms with his true feelings and at the same time Dadamama’s stroke has built up more complexities in the storyline.  But from a viewer’s point of view, the biggest merit is that we have finally learned how Aditya and Sai feel for each other. The last episode was highly filled with these heartwarming moments. 

Selfless Love and Guilt

On one hand, we have Aditya talking about Dadamama’s selfless love for him as a feeling of guilt takes over him. And then there’s Sai standing firmly beside him, consoling him to take the right step to tackle the hardships. The show has ultimately reached the curve of conflict which here is internal more than external. The chaos surrounding Aditya and Sai’s story will have them battling with their minds and at the same time compromising their relationship for the sake of loved ones.

Chance To Grow

Many TV shows have failed to detail the characters merging parallelly with the storyline. In Maza Hoshil Na we have seen these characters grow, in a sense, Aditya and Sai have mapped a lot of things from each other, and that’s how we function in real life. In the last episode, we finally see them as the characters meant for this particular storyline as their chemistry shines emotionally i.e maturely. 

Above The Surface

The story of Maza Hoshil Na has finally reached its peak as the title comes to life. With difficult choices stored in for Aditya, he has to come to terms with reality soon. And in these hard times, it is Sai who’s accompanying him in this hurdle. The viewers are already gushing to a happily-together ending but there’s a lot more to come before we get to that. And the last episode just served as a beginning to this new change as Sai questions, “Maza Hoshil Na”.

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