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Maza Hoshil Na: With Sindhu & Sai Confronting Each Other, Here Are A Few Plot-Twists We Can Expect

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December 8, 2020

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Romance isn’t a romance without a conflict. With Sindhu’s arrival in the show, here are a few plot twists we can expect in Maza Hoshil Na’s storyline.

There’s no doubt that Maza Hoshil Na has become one of the most popular shows on TV and the reason is the portrayal of relatable characters with an engaging story. It was just recently that viewers thought Aditya and Sai’s story will get on the romantic track but alas! It seems that the duo is on a track of endless problems lined one after the other, each one of them restricting them to their feelings. But Romance isn’t romance without some adversity.

Earlier too, Aditya and Sai both have tackled their problems in the best way possible. But now after confronting their feelings for each other (though without expressing them), this would be a great task for them to deal with their further problems. And an add-on to it is Sindhu, Dadamama’s wife who seems to be a new vamp in the show. And Sai’s first-ever confrontation with Sindhu created huge tension which is just like a teaser ahead of the big show.

With Sindhu and Sai confronting each other, here are few plot-twists we can expect that might act as another conflict in Aditya and Sai’s new beginning:

Sindhu and Suyash Teaming Up

While Suyash never misses a chance to impress Sai, the plot gives us an idea that in near future Suyash will necessarily have to tackle Aditya down, especially in the eyes of Sai. And to execute his stratagem, he might unite with Sindhu and we cannot overlook this possibility. They both can plot plans to sow a seed of hatred between Aditya and Sai. Following the typical style of storytelling, this definitely sets up as a plot twist we can expect in the storyline further.

Sindhu and Brahmes

In the previous episode, Sindhu stated that she will enter the Brahme house anytime soon and that would make up for another great twist in the story. And this angle can get us the view of Brahme’s past especially of Dadamama’s failed marriage route. And if this subplot comes true, there are even more possibilities that Sindhu somehow might get aware of Aditya’s backstory and his connection with Aditya Group of Companies. 

Sindhu and Sai’s Confrontation

Sindhu and Sai both as characters are quite strong though they are on the opposite sides, and their first meet proves it completely right. And this is something that we can often witness in Maza Hoshil Na. Their confrontation will surely heighten up the plot’s tension if used in different situations perfectly, it will surely be the next hit ‘protagonist-vs-antagonist’ duo.

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