Mathil Trailer: KS Ravikumar’s Satirical Drama Resonates The Power Of A Common Man

Did you watch the trailer of KS Ravikumar’s satirical drama Mathil yet? It revolves around a common man’s fight against the injustice done to him by the powerful.

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April 7, 2021


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With only days for the premiere of Mathil, the movie’s trailer has come out and it is everything we expected and beyond. With the movie set to make its premiere on April 14, we will have to make do with the trailer for another week. Starring veteran filmmaker KS Ravikumar as Lakshmikanthan, a lovable common man in the lead, Mathil is directed by Mithran R Jawahar. The ZEE5 original film tells the story of a common man’s fight for justice, and the trailer gives a powerful glimpse of the entire journey.

Watch the trailer of Mathil here:

Mathil is a drama set on political and social events and the trailer is reminiscent of the same. The trailer begins with the scene of a phone call where Lakshmikanthan is threatened, followed by a scene where he and his daughter visit the police station to lodge a complaint. Right from the start, the trailer shows how deep the movie goes in terms of showing the bad elements of the society where a common man’s struggles are often dismissed without taking any actions. Later, in a scene we even see a police officer telling him that it’s a “simple matter”, making the situation relatable for all of us in an instant.

Mathil trailer
A still from Mathil trailer (Source: ZEE5)

The trailer goes on to explore how the problems start as we are shown a frustrated Lakshmikanthan trying to stand up against a political leader and his men who painted his house’s compound wall without his consent. He shows the agitation of a common man over the actions of such powerful men. Things go out of hand as the two parties lock horns, escalating the fight to various levels. We even see his wall get demolished and him giving a press conference placing the general idea that Mathil’s fight will be no ordinary one.

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Mathil trailer
A still from Mathil trailer (Source: ZEE5)

In between scenes of power, anger, and revenge, we see some moments of helplessness too. In a scene, a highly vulnerable Lakshmikanthan can be seen tearing up and asking the police to arrest the men attacking him. A man’s house is his dream, and the same resonates throughout the entire trailer. The trailer ends with Lakshmikanthan asking people to firmly stand up for the words, “en Suvar, en urimai” which translates to “my wall is my right”.

Made as a direct-to-digital film, Mathil is set to release on April 14, marking the special occasion of the Tamil New Year. The movie will join ZEE5’s long list of quality content-driven originals that include Ka Pae Ranasingam, and Lock-Up.

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