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Manoj Bajpayee In Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari Or Silence: Who Is A Better Investigator?

Vatsal Thakore

April 6, 2021

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Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of an investigator in both – Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari and in Silence – take a look at a fun comparison of both these characters.

Manoj Bajpayee can nail any role, of any genre – that is a universal fact. Another universal fact is that whichever role he plays, stays embedded in our minds and hearts, and it’s hard to get over it. Today, let us compare two of his most recent roles – Detective Madhoo Mangal Rane in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari, and ACP Avinash Verma in Silence… Can You Hear It. Let us put the two best investigators against each other, like a fun WWE trump cards game!

Manoj Bajpayee in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari plays the role of Detective Madhoo Mangal Rane, who is a ‘wedding’ detective. He spies on young lads, who are ‘eligible bachelors’, to catch them with their hand in the cookie jar, and thus, spoil their images for the brides’ families. When Mangal ends up doing the same with Suraj (Diljit Dosanjh), Suraj decides to punish Mangal. But our quirky and smart detective is not to be messed with – he ruins Suraj’s life even further for trying to mess with him.

In Silence… Can You Hear It, Manoj Bajpayee plays the role of ACP Avinash Verma, a stern and hardened cop, who has his own set of rules and his own style of serving justice. He is assigned a high profile murder case, for which, he and his team investigate with the best of their abilities and bring the culprit to justice. ACP Verma is also a hot-headed person, and he too is NOT to be messed with. Once he loses his cool, no one’s ego stands a chance against him.

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While detective Mangal is a self-taught investigator, ACP Verma is a trained cop. Also, detective Mangal runs alone and solves the cases by himself, while ACP Verma gets his team’s help. And on a different note, no one can win at delivering witty lines or sarcasm in front of these two investigators!

Also, did you notice that both of them have ego-clashes with a person whose name means the Sun? detective Mangal’s nemesis is Suraj, which means Sun, and ACP Verma also has the biggest ego-clashes with MLA Ravi, which also means Sun! Well… just a fun fact!

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Coming back to our comparisons, detective Mangal has the best disguises when going undercover. The scenes of him being disguised as different characters in Suraj Pe Mangal Bhari were truly applause-worthy. On the other hand, ACP Verma needs no disguise for going undercover. But just for the entertainment factor of Mangal’s masquerades, we will give him the advantage points. (Also, making him win because I wouldn’t want him spying on me and trying to foil my wedding plans in the future!)

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