Man Trying To Cross Flooded River In Rajasthan Washed Away; Dead Body Found After Four Days

People present at the spot tried to stop the man from crossing the river but he continued his attempts and lost his life.

Neel Raju Nalawade

September 3, 2020

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Recently, an unfortunate incident was reported in Rajasthan. A man trying to cross the flooded river was washed away as he couldn’t stand by the strong currents. The video of this incident went viral. The people present at the spot tried to stop the man but he continued his attempts to cross the river. According to the news reports, the man’s dead body was found after four days of search operations.

This year the monsoon season has caused a lot of damage to life and property all across the nation. Numerous houses, farms and other properties were damaged and a huge number of people lost their livelihood. Many states are still struggling to recover from the loses caused by the floods as heavy rainfalls, floods and landslides continue to cause havoc across the nation.

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