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Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai-Aditya Can Impart These Tips To Pahile Na Me Tula’s Newly Married Aniket-Manasi

Tanvi Rumale

May 30, 2021

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Here are some relationship tips that Majha Hoshil Na’s Sai and Aditya could give Pahile Na Me Tula’s Aniket and Manasi!

Unlike Sai and Aditya from Majha Hoshil Na, who had to wait for approvals and had to go through many painful incidents before they got married, Manasi and Aniket took the easy route and secretly got married at the start of the show itself. Manasi was afraid that if they didn’t take such a drastic step, her father would get her married to someone else and her boss, Samar will also see to it that she is married soon. For a long time after their marriage, they had to keep it a well-guarded secret that no one except Megha and Chaitanya knew about. But very recently on the show, the truth about Manasi’s marital status was revealed and she was thrown out of her house! Usha maushi took Aniket and Manasi in and it has only been two-three days since she has been living in her husband’s house! Since Aniket and Manasi are extremely new to the world of marriages, we think that Aditya and Sai from Majha Hoshil Na could give them some tips!

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Communication is key

The best thing about Aditya and Sai is that they are a very simple and honest duo. They discuss their problems, share ideas and solutions together. They discuss work problems as well as problems at home and work as a unit. Even when they fight, they try to understand each others’ points and also make it a point to apologise soon after. There is no place for ego in their relationship, just open communication!

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Trust is invaluable

While they might have had ex-fiances like Meghana and Suyash, Aditya and Sai only ever liked each other. And they trusted in each others’ feelings as well. We’re talking about trust not just in terms of faithfulness but also trust in each others’ gut and decisions. Sai might have interesting ways of putting across a point, but Aditya rarely questions her because he knows that Sai has time and again outdone herself with her whacky ideas! Similarly, Aniket showed trust in Manasi when he agreed to get married to her secretly. We hope to see this trust grow stronger every day!

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Finding privacy could be hard, but do what you have to!

Aniket and Manasi will live in a small house with Usha Maushi. They will often not have the privacy to be in their own space and get their lone time. This keeps happening with Aditya and Sai, especially in the beginning. They must persevere and find ways to be together and often surprise each other as well. They must make sure to spend quality time, even if it just having meals or commuting to work together! It keeps the romance alive as well!

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The Newness of the world will dissipate 

For Manasi, she is entering a completely new world as she lives with Usha maushi and Aniket in a smaller house where she will have to do many chores. Very similar to how Sai felt when she came to the Brahme house. Aniket must give her some time just like how Aditya did, for her to settle down in the house and the family. Aditya did not pressurise Sai to do anything and tried to be there for her as much as he could. Manasi too will need her husband’s support to get through the anxiety that comes with parting from her family and settling in a new one!

What else do you think Sai-Aditya can advise Manasi-Aniket on?

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