Majha Hoshil Na 28 August 2021 Upcoming Story: Aditya exposes JD

Aditya presents a video clip in the court as evidence against JD and exposes him. Will Aditya be able to serve justice to his deceased parents?


August 26, 2021

majha hoshil na

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In the previous episodes of Majha Hoshil Na, we have seen that, although Hira has testified against JD in court and revealed his true colours, the court has asked for evidence to prove the claims. However, Sindhu has betrayed the Bramhes and destroyed the evidence against JD to seek her revenge. As the courtroom drama continues in the show, she testifies against the Bramhes, who now have just half an hour’s time in hand to prove their allegations and to get the proof against JD.

In the latest episode, we will see how Aditya provokes JD to confess his crimes and video shoots it without the former’s knowledge. Later, he presents the video clip in the court as evidence against JD, which leaves the latter shocked. As the show gears up for its last episode, it will be interesting to watch how Aditya exposes JD and finally serves justice to his deceased parents.

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