Majha Hoshil Na 26 August 2021 Written Update: Sindhu betrays the Bramhes

Sindhu steals the evidence and then strikes a deal with JD. She testifies against the Bramhes at the court.


August 26, 2021

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In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na we have seen that Hira testifies against JD, but JD’s lawyer tries to prove her claims as false allegations against JD in an attempt to swindle his money. Moreover, she tries to frame Hira as the culprit who murdered Vijay and Vandana. However, Bandhu Mama interjects and asks for a later date to present the evidence against JD in the court.

In the latest episode we will see how a cunning Sindhu steals the file of evidence from Appa’s room and goes to meet JD in the jail. Meanwhile, in jail, JD wishes to get released and seize the company. The episode also features Suyash, who is in the same prison cell as JD. when Sindhu arrives to meet JD in the jail and strikes a deal with JD in return for destroying the evidence, Suyash overhears them plotting against the Bramhes and assures them that they won’t succeed.

The next morning, Sai, Aditya and his uncles get ready to go the court but get worried upon finding that the file is missing from Appa’s room. While Bandhu Mama suggests taking a later date for the court proceedings, a sly Sindhu asks them to go ahead and promises them that she will search for the file and reach the court in time.

At the court, everyone waits for the Bramhes to present the evidence. Just then, Sindhu reaches there and revealing her true colours, she testifies against the Bramhes. The judge then declares a half an hour’s break and asks Bandhu Mama to get the evidence within that half an hour. Will the Bramhes succeed? Will JD finally meet his end?

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