Majha Hoshil Na 14 May 2021 Written Update: Will Bhai Mama and Pintya Mama accept Gulpreet?

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May 13, 2021



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In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Bandhu Mama and his brothers do each other’s chores out of habit. Dada Mama gets furious when Sai serves everyone the tea made by Bandhu Mama. Sai and Aditya try to mitigate the rift between the brothers.

Watch what will happen next on Majha Hoshil Na:

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, while Bandhu Mama and Dada Mama get into a heated argument over who will take the autorickshaw, Sai intervenes and placates them. Moreover, she cajoles them into sharing the autorickshaw and believes that the auto ride will help them bury their hatchet and the duo will soon patch up. However, instead of patching up, the duo ends up having a spat again and a frustrated Bandhu Mama informs about it to Gulpreet. Moreover, he asks Gulpreet to warn Sai and Aditya to stop trying to sort the differences between him and his brothers.

However, an adamant Sai gives a new idea to Gulpreet. Accordingly, Gulpreet tries to talk to Bhai Mama in an effort to persuade him to patch up with Bandhu Mama. Although Bhai Mama does seem to be getting affected, he refuses to go against Dada Mama’s wish. Soon enough, Gulpreet catches hold of Pintya Mama and serves him delicious meal to win his heart. However, he too fears opposing Dada Mama. A helpless Gulpreet then seeks Sai’s help.

Despite her repeated futile attempts, Sai refuses to give up and comes up with a new plan. She shares it with Aditya and Gulpreet and assures them that this trick will definitely work? Will Sai succeed?

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