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Majha Hoshil Na 09 July 2021 Written Update: Pintya Mama comes to take Sai and Aditya back home


July 9, 2021

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In the previous episode of Majha Hoshil Na, Gulpreet shares the plan to bring Aditya home with Aditya’s uncles. Aditya tells Sai the reason for not returning home. Later, everyone gets worried as Aditya and Sai go missing from the hospital.

In the next episode of Majha Hoshil Na, worried about Sai and Aditya, his uncles decide to search for JD. Just then, Sai calls them and informs them about her and Aditya’s wellbeing. However, she refuses to reveal their whereabouts. The next morning, Aditya tells Sai about the photo he found in JD’s warehouse and states that the man in the photo with JD must be Vijay Desai. He further talks to her about his uncanny resemblance with the person in the photo and shares his suspicion of having some connection with Aditya Group of Companies. While Sai comforts a perturbed Aditya, she notices someone eavesdropping on them. On finding that it is Sindhu who is trying to eavesdrop, an irked Sai rebukes her.

Soon after, to Sai and Aditya’s utter disbelief, Pintya Mama arrives at their doorstep and insists them to return home. When a determined Aditya refuses his plea, Pintya Mama tells him to return at least for the sake of Appa. On Sai’s suggestion, Aditya then video calls Appa and the couple talks to Appa. When Aditya’s uncles urge him to return home over the video call, he politely refuses their request and assures them that he and Sai will be safe.

After a dejected Pintya Mama leaves, Sai shares her apprehensions with Aditya about JD’s matter. However, a confident Aditya reassures her and decides to dig deeper into the whole matter. Meanwhile, a furious JD thrashes his henchmen for failing to capture Aditya and gives them one last chance to complete the task.

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