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Kundali Bhagya 15 November 2023 Written Update: Preeta fights the criminals for Kavya and Shaurya

Anup Shukla

November 17, 2023

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Preeta fights Shekhar and his goons to defend Kavya and Shaurya. To know what happens next on Kundali Bhagya, watch the premiere episode on ZEE5 before TV!

In the previous episode of Kundali Bhagya, the leader of the gang of criminals tells Rishabh that they have met before. He takes out his device and meets each member of the Luthra family. He asks Rajveer whether he is Shaurya’s brother. Rishabh recognises that the leader’s name is Shekhar. He tells Rishabh that he did not kill his superior over being fired but because Rishabh was behind it all. Shekhar says that he wants to take revenge by looting the Luthras. Kavya comes up with a trick to save the people from being mugged. Daljeet fights the criminals to defend Shaurya. Nidhi runs to her room when Gurpreet confirms about the criminals’ attack. Gurpreet scolds Nidhi for being difficult in a tough situation. Karan asks Kareena to hide in a room until he is back. He then offers the criminals a deal. Shanaya points out to Shaurya that he is talking about Palki a lot. Shanaya lashes out at Nidhi for mistreating her and her family. Shekhar calls a few more men to enhance their strength.


In the latest episode of Kundali Bhagya, after an argument with Daljeet and Shanaya, Nidhi cleverly ousts them from her room. Daljeet bickers over Nidhi’s behaviour and tells Shanaya what she would do to Nidhi to teach her a lesson. Shanaya calms Daljeet down and joins her in badmouthing Nidhi. Soon, Shaurya comes there and asks them why they are roaming around alone in a situation wherein the criminals have attacked everyone. Rajveer comes there and gets into an argument with Shaurya over being concerned for Palki. Soon, Sandy and Amy come there and defend Shaurya against Rajveer.

Karan is happy to meet Preeta and asks Gurpreet not to let Preeta go towards the criminals. To prevent the revelation of the truth, Gurpreet pretends in front of Karan that she has not met Preeta before. Preeta comes there and feels nice when Karan tries a trick to calm her down. Rakhi praises Mahesh for causing the criminals to fall by spreading marbles on the floor. In no time, everyone starts fighting the criminals but fails to overpower them. After walking away from Rajveer, Amy and Sandy tell Shaurya that he needs to control his feelings as his love for Palki is not being noticed by everyone. Shaurya avoids it and goes to the living room to fight the criminals.

Rajveer comes to Shaurya’s rescue when he fails to attack the criminals and is held at gunpoint. The family starts fighting back to control the criminals. Dadi asks Kavya to run away and Shekhar starts chasing her. Kavya hides in a room to escape Shekhar. Soon, Rajveer locks Preeta and Gurpreet in that room to keep them safe. Kavya gets emotional to see Preeta and cuddles her. The criminals get an upper hand by threatening to kill Kareena. Shaurya starts fighting with Rajveer over defending Kareena. Rajveer attacks one of the criminals and then everyone runs for their life once again. Shekhar enters the room and tries to kill Kavya. Preeta attacks Shekhar and runs out of the room with Kavya and Gurpreet. Shekhar brings everyone back to the living room one after another. The Luthras get emotional to see Preeta fighting Shekhar to save Shaurya’s life. Shekhar and his goons decide to kill Shaurya to punish Preeta.

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