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Kumkum Bhagya 07 November 2023 Written Update: Ranbeer gets accused of Akshay’s murder

Sainidhi Iyer

November 16, 2023

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Ranbeer and Prachi spend a romantic honeymoon and Mihika’s plan to kill Prachi backfires leaving Akshay stabbed to death. The court convicts Ranbeer of murder and Prachi learns about her pregnancy.

In the of previous episode Kumkum Bhagya, Prachi and Ranbeer get married despite Mihika’s best efforts to sabotage the wedding. Mihika expresses her attachment to Khushi and insists on going to the Kohli house with Prachi. The Tandons bid Prachi adieu emotionally during Prachi’s ‘bidaai’ ritual. Ranbeer promises to keep in touch with Manpreet and Ashok as they feel unsettled upon Prachi’s departure. The Kohlis give Prachi a warm welcome and Mihika detests it, she ruins the welcome ritual by walking over Prachi’s sacred footprints. Pallavi notices Mihika’s footprints over Prachi’s footsteps and claims that it is inauspicious but Vikram consoles her. Vikram then endures the effects of Mihika’s drug and complains about chest pain. Ranbeer learns about Vikram’s scheduled treatment in London. Ranbeer insists on accompanying Vikram to London but the latter insists Ranbeer go on a peaceful honeymoon with Prachi. Later, the newlyweds spend a peaceful wedding night with each other but Khushi barges into the room, Mihika instigates Khushi to spend the night with her parents in a bid to ruin their wedding night. That night, Akshay and Mihika collude against Prachi as well as Ranbeer over a phone call. The next day, Ranbeer and Prachi leave for their honeymoon and Akshay follows them. Soon, a bad omen ensues and worries Manpreet.

In the next episode of Kumkum Bhagya, Mihika hires hitmen to murder Prachi and Akshay instructs the hitmen to kill Ranbeer instead. Prachi and Ranbeer check into their honeymoon suit and the hitmen plan to execute Mihika’s plan during the masquerade party in the resort. Ranbeer gives Prachi a beautiful dress and they spend a romantic honeymoon together. The next day, Prachi finds Akshay outside her suite and has an argument with him. Ranbeer witnesses their conversation and questions Prachi about it. However, she tries to lie to him in a bid to avoid a confrontation between Akshay and Ranbeer. The latter confronts Prachi about her lies and they have a slight argument. That evening, the newlyweds attend the masquerade party and Mihika, Akshay watch over the couple. The hotel manager refuses to admit the hitmen to the party and sends them away. Mihika grabs a knife in order to attack Prachi as the couple dances away. Unfortunately, Akshay gets in the way and gets stabbed. Ranbeer gets accused of Akshay’s murder and Mihika expresses her concern over Ranbeer’s arrest at the police station. Vishakha tells the family about Akshay’s unfortunate death. Meanwhile, Mihika bribes the lawyer and gives him evidence against Ranbeer to lose the case to keep Prachi away from him. Mihika then learns about Prachi’s pregnancy. Soon enough, the court sentences Ranbeer to death after convicting him. Mihika tries to rescue Ranbeer upon learning that her plan backfired. The police van taking Ranbeer to the jail falls off a valley due to the hitman’s mistake. Mihika kills the hitmen in panic and Vishakha tells the Tandons about Ranbeer’s death. Eventually, Prachi starts a new life with her daughter.

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