KRMKB: How The Show Is Highlighting The Underlying Issues Of Our Society!

From taunting neighbours to bullying kids, Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti has pointed out some major flaws in our society.

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April 15, 2021



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They say that the cinema is a reflection of our own society, and rightly so. Then why would television stay behind? Some of the shows we watch on television are just meant for entertainment purposes. Whereas some shows really go the extra mile to show a mirror image of our society. They give out important messages through the form of the show. One such show is Kyun Rishton Mein Katti Batti, which not only talks about the consequences of an extramarital affair but also focuses on other aspects of society that needs attention.

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The show revolves around Shubhra (Neha Marda) and the Chadda family, whose life is turned upside down with the revelation of Kuldeep Chadda’s extramarital affair. Now such a situation doesn’t come without any consequences. Although, most of the times, it’s the woman facing them. Here as well, Kuldeep (Siddhaanth Vir Surryavanshi) is living his life per usual, hanging out with kids, going to the office, etc. The one suffering in all of this is Shubhra. And now that she has decided to live separately, it’s only going to get worse. Or should we say, it’s already getting worse?

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Taunts For A Separated Woman

Now that Shubhra is not staying with her husband, who can save her from the interfering aunties of the society? As they clearly don’t understand boundaries, these ladies barge into her house and casually start taunting her. It clearly depicts the mindset of our society about a separated woman. Although, we loved how Shubhra shut them up while giving them a taste of their own medicine.

Women taunting Shubhra in her house
Source: ZEE5

Kids Following Their Parents’ Behaviour

It’s often said that kids follow what their parents do. And this is applicable to all the bad they do as well. In this show we saw how the kids replicated exactly what their parents said while communicating with Rishi, further instigating him to take a violent step. And that’s exactly what’s happening in our society as well. Instead of setting an example in front of the children by being kind and empathetic, many parents unknowingly make their kids feel that it’s ok to be rude and insensitive.

Meeting regarding Rishi's behaviour
Source: ZEE5

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Bulling Between Kids

The poor behaviour of kids doesn’t just stop at taunts. Recently we saw the difference between the teaching of a parent. Rishi, guided by Shubhra went to apologise to the kids he hurt. Whereas the kids, triggered by anger and observing their parents, continued to not just taunt Rishi, but also bully him. They started throwing eggs at him and passed nasty comments that made the poor kid feel utterly dejected.

Kids bullying Rishi
Source: ZEE5

Heartlessness Of The Society

Hurt by the humiliation he had to bear, Rishi went ahead and started banging his head on a tree. And not so surprisingly, none of the people around tried to help him. In fact, everyone just stood back and enjoyed the drama while recording videos of the incident. If this is not a true reflection of society, we don’t know what is. Numerous times we’ve seen heartbreaking incidents happening around the country and people shooting videos instead of helping the person in need.

Rishi hitting his head
Source: ZEE5

We have a feeling, the show has a lot more in store for us as a society.

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