Krishnakoli: Nikhil longs for his own child while being a doting father to Ashok’s daughter Munni

Ashok’s daughter, Munni, calls Nikhil her Papa. Although Nikhil is very fond of Munni, he is still saddened at the absence of his own child in his life and wishes his craving could be fulfilled.

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November 18, 2020


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The story of the Bengali TV show Krishnakoli that recently took an 18-year leap in time now revolves around the separated lives of Nikhil and Shyama, and their respective households. Having lost her memory after the accident, Shyama has no recollection left of her past with Nikhil. She lives in Benares with her daughter, Krishna. Whereas, Nikhil is still in Kolkata and lives with his entire family. Ashok’s daughter calls him Papa now.

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In a recent episode, we see that while Nikhil packs his suitcase for the Benares trip, the night before leaving, Munni comes into his room to talk to him. She complains that her grandmother and grandfather interfere in all her matters and do not give her any privacy. Nikhil is quick to make her understand that they only mean to keep her out of trouble because they care about her. He is seen immediately easing Munni’s worries just like a real father would have done for their daughter.

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After this, Munni leaves to go to bed. Nikhil begins to think to himself how Ashok and his wife probably have no clue how bad they have unknowingly hurt Munni. He understands Munni’s innocence and the reasoning behind her troubled feelings. Nikhil also wishes that Shyama had not taken their own child away from him. He believes he would have been a great father to their child as well as to Munni. He thinks of how great it would have been if their child and Munni could have grown up together. He would have been spared the pain of not being able to hold his child close or just taking care of him/her.

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After Ashok murdered Nikhil’s friend Maam, he was arrested. Munni, who is Ashok’s daughter knows that her parents are dead. Ashok and his wife were taken to a correctional home after they were arrested for their crimes. But Munni, who has no clue about this, continues to believe that that they are not alive and calls Nikhil her Papa. Growing up without the love and upbringing of her own parents, Munni tends to misbehave with her family sometimes which they look down upon. However, her grandmother understands Munni’s agitated behaviour and soothes her whenever possible.

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