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Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay: 7 Times Karna and Radhika secretly missed being together

Srimoyee Bhattacharya

May 22, 2021

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Karna and Radhika are yearning for each other and their relationship to go back to normal, and here’s proof!

Swastika Dutta and Krushal Ahuja star as Radhika and Karna Sen in lead roles in Ki Kore Bolbo Tomay. Although Karna and Radhika were inseparable lovers in the past, their 5-year long separation has brought substantial distance between the two. However, there have been several instances where both, Karna and Radhika, have wished things never got so sour and they were still together. They have also worn specific clothing on occasions, and prepared dishes according to the other’s liking!

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1. Karna’s attempt to reconnect

Karna tried to reconnect with Radhika immediately after meeting her for the first time in Darjeeling after 5 years. While Radhika seemed hesitant, Karna was not. He tried to make plans of meeting up with just Radhika and joined her and Abhi at a restaurant when it did not work out.

2. Clothing that the other likes + matching colours

During a recent puja in the Sen household, Karna wore a pyjama-panjabi suit while Radhika donned a saree. They chose their outfits knowing that the other always liked seeing them in such clothing. Additionally, Karna and Radhika both colour-matched too with a red and white combination in their ethnic looks.

karna and radhika in ki kore bolbo tomay
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3. Radhika reminiscing their past

Radhika went around their room upon returning to the Sen residency recently. Standing by the mirror, she recollected the beautiful moments she had once shared with Karna. From playfully spilling powder all over Karna to things he whispered into her ears while helping her get ready in front of the mirror, she reminisced and missed it all. She even questioned why she had to endure the pain of being away from Karna.

karna and radhika in ki kore bolbo tomay
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4. Dancing with the shadows

Karna evidently wishes things would go back to normal for him and Radhika. When he saw her shadow on the wall along with his own, he could not help but enact actions that looked like he was closer to his lover again. He quickly got lost in it. That’s how much he misses being close to Radhika.

karna and radhika in ki kore bolbo tomay
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5. When Karna cooked Paayesh for Radhika

Knowing Paayeesh was one of Radhika’s favourite dishes, Karna had learned to cook it while they were apart. Recently, when Abhi was upset, Karna made the sweet dish for the little one as a disguise, when he actually wanted Radhika to have it. Karna wholeheartedly wanted Radhika to relish a meal he cooked and had prepared Aloo-r Dum with it as well.

karna and radhika in ki kore bolbo tomay
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6. When Karna’s dream came true

Watching Radhika fall asleep in the same bed as him recently, Karna felt like it was a dream-come-true moment for him. Their togetherness just like the good old days, also made him wish the distance left between them would go away as soon as possible.

7. When Karna woke up to Radhika cuddling him

Karna woke up to an asleep Radhika grabbing onto his arm one morning recently. He wondered if he was dreaming and was elated to see her all cuddled up to him. He truly wished that her presence and relationship with him remained constant forever throughout his life.

karna and radhika in ki kore bolbo tomay
Source: ZEE5

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