Kanye West Focuses On Religion In First Election Campaign Video

Rapper, musician and fashion designer Kanye West asked supporters to vote for him as a write-in candidate through a video featuring families in prayer.

Jessica David

October 13, 2020

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On Monday (October 12), rapper Kanye West released his first official campaign video in his long-shot bid to be elected US president on November 3, focusing on religion and families. West, 43, who launched his campaign for the White House with erratic statements on his social media accounts in July, is on the official ballot in a handful of US states, according to US media, but has no mathematical chance of winning. In Monday’s video, the musician and fashion designer asked supporters to vote for him as a write-in candidate. “By turning to faith, we will be the kind of nation, the kind of people, that God intends us to be,” West says in the video, featuring families at prayer and nature shots.

The video was the first major bid by West, formerly one of President Donald Trump’s biggest celebrity supporters to be taken as a serious contender for the White House. He has done little campaigning under his self-styled Birthday Party as concern grew over his mental health. The “Heartless’ singer, who has 21 Grammy awards, said in 2018 that he suffered from bipolar disorder. Some political analysts believe that West’s run for office could siphon some Black supporters away from Democrat Joe Biden in the presidential election.

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