Kalyana Vaibhogam: Heartwarming moments between Jai and Divya that explain their beautiful bond

From caring for her like his daughter to feeding her sweets, Here are some of the sweetest moments between Jai and Divya.

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December 27, 2020



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In the Telugu serial Kalyana Vaibhogam, we certainly witnessed some beautiful connections between characters. While Janaki is oblivious that she was married to Jai (played by VJ Sunny) as Manga Tayaru (played by Meghana Lokesh) and that he is the father of her kids, Jai doesn’t know the truth either. Even though he doesn’t know that they are his kids, he feels a special bond with them and is drawn towards both Abhi and Divya. Since  Divya and Jai are daddy-daughter goals, here are a few heartwarming moments between them.

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When Divya feeds him a sweet

When Jai comes back victorious and unharmed after a long adventure, he is welcomed with grandeur. Amongst all the jazz, he sees Divya walk up to him with a simple laddoo because she wants him to have a sweet. He is overjoyed when he sees her wanting to feed him a sweet and he feeds her too, as any father would.

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When he embraces her like she was his daughter

Although Divya is his daughter, he does not know that she is his own blood. He feels a strange connection with her that is stronger than anything else. When Jai returns home, he finds Divya walking up to him amidst the bash and holds her face like she was the most special thing to happen to him.

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When he tells her that he is as little as her

After being consoled, Divya tells him how happy she is to have him there. She then tells him that she is very fond of him to which he says that he is also very fond of her. When she tells him that she doesn’t know the reason for this because she is a child, Jai tells her that maybe he is also a child who took a rebirth when Divya was born.

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When she defends him in front of his family

When Jai’s family tells him that it is probably his mistake, that Abhi is in the hospital, Divya jumps to his defence as any daughter would. She tells them that he was not in the wrong. She tells them to lay off of him and not scold him at all for whatever has happened. We know for sure now that Divya is a Daddy’s girl,

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When he consoles her at the hospital

When Abhi is admitted to the hospital, soon the doctors tell Janaki that he might not be able to live. After hearing this Janaki faints and she is admitted to the hospital too. A heartbroken Divya is inconsolable till Jai comes into the picture and calms her down by talking to her.

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