Kalyana Vaibhogam 22 September 2021 Written Update: The ‘mangalsutram’ suspense

Everyone is shocked to see a ‘mangalsutram’ on Sesi’s neck. Chanakya suspects Abhi and confronts him. Watch the premiere episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam on ZEE5.


September 21, 2021

Kalyana Vaibhogam

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In the previous episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, a depressed Abhi questions Sesi for agreeing to marry someone else. Sesi asks Abhi to leave her and later breaks down in tears. Divya confronts Abhi for loving Sesi and not intending on marrying her, purposely breaking each other’s hearts. Meanwhile, Ilayaraja hits Aakhella when he informs Nithya about Chanakya’s decision.


In the next episode of Kalyana Vaibhogam, Chandrika tells Prasad that they must stop Abhi and Sesi’s marriage because Sesi will claim another share in the property if she marries Abhi. She also predicts the possibility of Sesi taking the ownership of the house after Divya and Abhi’s death. Divya recalls Abhi’s words. As per Divya’s orders, Charukesha brings a ‘mangalsutram’. He wonders why Divya asked for it, but she refuses to reveal her plan. Divya is determined to get Abhi and Sesi married before Sesi gets engaged to another man. Charukesha thinks that it’s impossible to change Abhi’s mind, but Divya is confident about doing so. She tells Charukesha that Sesi agreed to marry someone else in anger and neither Abhi nor Sesi will be happy living without each other.

Charukesha worries about Chanakya and Divya’s relationship becoming worse, but it doesn’t bother Divya, who vows to get Abhi and Sesi married at any cost. Chanakya makes arrangements for the engagement ceremony. Charukesha slips his tongue when Chanakya questions him about the decoration. Chanakya starts doubting Charukesha. He asks Charukesha if Divya and Abhi have a counter-plan. Chanakya is eager to see Abhi disappointed. He asks Divya to get Sesi ready for the engagement, but she declines saying she doesn’t want Sesi to marry anyone else other than Abhi. However, Chanakya insists Divya to get Sesi ready.

Divya mocks Abhi by asking him to help out in the arrangements for Sesi’s engagement ceremony. Abhi says that he has to visit the factory, but she asks him not to make excuses. Divya also tries to provoke Abhi to marry Sesi. Prasad asks Chandrika to get Sesi ready. Chandrika goes to Sesi’s room and is shocked to see a ‘mangalsutram’ around her neck. She rushes to Chanakya and informs him about it. Everyone is perplexed to see the ‘mangalsutram’ on Sesi, who is unaware about who tied it to her. Chanakya confronts Abhi, who denies tying the ‘mangalsutram’ to Sesi. Everyone finds it hard to believe Abhi. Divya secretly tells Charukesha that she tied the ‘mangalsutram’ to Sesi.


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