Kalyana Vaibhogam: 10 times Abhi spoke his mind fearlessly

Abhi might be just a child, but that doesn’t mean he lacks courage. We tell you why.

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November 21, 2020



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In the popular Telugu serial Kalyana Vaibhogam, Janaki is blessed with a child who is like Abhi, though he puts her at a fix at times and we sympathise with her. There is no doubt that Abhi is a fearless child and he speaks his mind always. Be it banishing guests that he doesn’t like or telling his mother about his opinions– he is not afraid of anything. Abhi is only respectful to people if he feels they are worthy of it. Here are a few instances when he spoke his mind fearlessly.

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  1. When he doesn’t let Jai enter the house

Recently we saw that Jai (played by VJ Sunny) had made peace with Abhi and had gone to his place so that he could properly apologise to his mother. Although Jai was really accomplished and much older, Abhi did not allow him to enter his house in his mother’s absence. He told Jai fearlessly that he did not like Jai visiting them.

2. When he puts Nithya in her place

When he refused to let Jai in, Nitya (played by Meghana Lokesh) told Abhi that he was messing with powerful people and that she could ruin their lives. Even though Jai stopped her from doing it, she didn’t budge. Unlike any other child, Abhi did not get scared by her threats and told her that she can’t scare him because of his age or her social standing.

3. When he stood by what he did

Upon learning that Abhi refused to cooperate with Jai and Nitya, Janaki becomes furious. She told Abhi that she thought what he did was wrong but even then Abhi stood by what he did and did not apologise.

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4. When he refused to apologise

When Janaki scolded Abhi, he still stood by what he did. She deemed it fit to punish Abhi for what he did and said that she would not let him inside the house till he apologised to Jai. Even though he is just a little boy, Abhi found the courage to stand outside the house and not apologise to Jai.

5. When he refused to give in despite the thunders

Abhi realised that it is late in the evening and it is going to rain but he did not change his mind and stood outside while it thundered heavily. Even when Charukesa offered him a place at his house for staying the night, he did not agree.

6. When he told Chary about what he did unabashedly

Once Chary returned from Jai’s place and found Abhi outside his home. When he asked Abhi what he was doing outside late in the evening, Abhi told him without any hesitation and guilt that his mother had punished him. He did not cry about it but stood tall. He wasn’t embarrassed to tell others what he did.

7. When he refuses to go inside his house without his mother calling

Once it started raining, Charukesa insisted on taking Abhi to his place. Even then, while it rained, Abhi told them that as long as he has a house, he does not need to go to anyone else’s place. He also told them that he would not enter his house till his mother called him back willingly, neither did he apologise to Jai.

8. When he directly asks what the matter is with Chandrika and Prasad

When Chandrika and Prasad took Abhi, Divya and Charukesa back to their homes, they had a conversation among themselves about how Abhi and Divya must not get close to Jai. The children noticed this signalling and asked what was going on. Chandrika told them that they would not understand it because they were kids but Abhi told them without any filter that they could explain it to him because he would understand.

9. When he becomes friends with Jai

To err is human and no one understands this better than our little Abhi. Although there was a slight resentment that he felt towards Jai, he happily shook hands and hugged Jai. At that moment, he forgave Jai and was willing to be friends with Jai despite everything. It takes a big heart to do what Abhi and Jai did.

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10. When he would rather faint than apologise to anyone

Abhi fainted outside his house because of the weather that he had to see the night that his mother punished him. Even while he felt week, he refused to go inside his house or apologise to Jai for whatever happened.

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