Kalyana Vaibhogam 02 October 2021 Upcoming Story: The swami suggests a way to revoke the curse

The swami tells Divya that there is an alternate solution to revoke the curse. At the ancestral house, Kalpana gets shocked to see a snake. Watch the premiere episodes of Kalyana Vaibhogam serial on ZEE5.


October 1, 2021

Kalyana Vaibhogam

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In the next episode, Divya, Abhi and Charukesha go to the temple to meet the swami and show him the palm-leaf manuscripts which contains the information regarding the curse. Divya requests the swami to provide them with a solution as he is their only hope. The swami tells them that there is an alternate solution. He explains that if the priest who cursed their family could foresee the future, he could have also known that he will be facing a situation wherein he has to curse the Suryadevara family. Hence, knowing that many people will die due to the curse, the priest should have also left behind something that will help them with the redemption of the curse. Meanwhile, at the ancestral house, Kalpana hears a hissing sound and looks around. She gets shocked to see a snake appear in the house.

In the previous episodes, we saw how Divya saw a dream which made Jeji decide to go to Devipuram with the entire family. Abhi disapproved of it since it might turn out to be dangerous, but Divya and Jeji remained stubborn. On Jeji’s orders, Abhi asked Sesi to return home with him, and Charukesha convinced Chanakya to come along with them. While everyone headed towards Devipuram, an ox dashed towards Sesi but Divya saved her in the nick of time. The ox then chased Divya, who started running from it. Chanakya managed to rescue Divya, much to Abhi’s relief. Later, Divya decided to visit the swami with Abhi and Charukesha to find out if there is a way to revoke the curse.


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