Joe Biden Leads In These Swing States According To Opinion Poll

Democrat Joe Biden leads as potential voters across six swing states seem to favour him for his handling of the pandemic, while Trump scores better on managing the economy

Raghav N

October 8, 2020

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With less than a month to the United States presidential elections, Democrat candidate Joe Biden seems to be leading in certain swing states according to a new opinion poll. Potential voters were surveyed across six states including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, North Carolina, Florida and Arizona.

The general perception is in favour of Biden as far as his pandemic response is in question, while all the participants voted for President Donald Trump for his handling of the economy.

In Wisconsin, Biden is ahead of Trump by 6 points in votes, while trump is lagging by 9% on his handling of the COVID19 situation. The president is however ahead of his rival by 7% on managing the economy.

In Pennsylvania, the former vice-president is leading by 5% votes, though he is down by the same percentage on his economy management scale in comparison to his Republican opponent.

Michigan shows Biden ahead of Trump by 5% in the voting and by 6% in his response to the health crisis, while in North Carolina, both the candidates are at an equal percentage of votes, with Trump again leading the market management.

Though the early opinion polls display a probable picture of what may ensue during the actual elections, it in no way guarantees Biden as the front-runner. The American presidential election process assigns each state a number of electoral college votes which goes to the state’s winner regardless of the victory margin.

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