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Jennifer Aniston breaks down on Ellen Degeneres show


September 11, 2021

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Long time ‘FRIENDS’, Jennifer Aniston made an appearance on Ellen Degeneres Show and broke down while talking to the host about her journey

For hardcore admirers of Jennifer Aniston, it is difficult to see her breakdown. Thanks to her appearances on ‘Friends’ or in her role in ‘Bruce Almighty (opposite Jim Carrey), Jennifer is known as the eternally happy mood girl. But she will be seen in tears on 14 September when the ‘Ellen DeGeneres Show’ premiers its final season.

It is not the first time Jennifer Aniston has appeared in Ellen’s show. But this show will be the last season of the show where she will share her journey with Ellen. Call it End of an era! But she mutters and sobs and wipes out her tears when Ellen lets out a remarkable expression on her handsome face and pauses, with her characteristic charming words.

However we still do not know why Jennifer Aniston cried on this show, is it Ellen’s last season or Jennifer’s last appearance? This can be only said by Ellen herself, she is the boss on the show! Critics and evaluators of the iconic show put it this way – All good things must come to an end so will Ellen’s show.

The nineteenth and final season of The Ellen DeGeneres Show premieres on September 13 and Jennifer will appear as a guest. 52 years young, Jennifer Aniston is not the person to feel sad that she is over the hill. Neither does Ellen who is 11 years elder to Jennifer Aniston – both ladies of grit and fun, who have rocked Hollywood with their happy disposition.

In the sneak preview, Jennifer says to her iconic interviewer “what the hell? This is not supposed to be emotional!” then she goes on to dabs tissue on her eyes. Ellen and Jennifer have been together on this show 19 times, and anyone would feel emotional to let go of Ellen and her beau visage just like that!.

Jennifer also remembered the gift she had given Ellen 18 years back which was a rug that appears on the show. Ellen has though replaced it, but it looks more or less like the original that was gifted by Jennifer Aniston.

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