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Jeet Ki Zid: Amit Sadh Was On A ‘Zid’ To Perfect His Role, Even Risked His Health For Some Scenes

Vatsal Thakore

February 10, 2021

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Amit Sadh went through a lot to perfect his role as the Major Deep Singh Sengar for Jeet Ki Zid. Read here to know about his dedication for the role.

Amit Sadh, being the dedicated and talented actor that he is, once again delivered an intensely great performance in the ZEE5 Original show, Jeet Ki Zid. He played the lead role of Major Deependra Singh Sengar, a Kargil war hero, on whose life the series is based on. Major Sengar was a part of the Special Forces of the Indian Army, who went through extremely tough training. To perfect his role as Major Sengar, Amit Sadh went to great lengths as well.

Jeet Ki Zid showed two journeys of Major Deependra Singh Sengar – first, of his days in the Special Forces of the Indian Army and second, of his days of finding the strength to walk again after a grave injury had left him unable to walk. In his first journey, Major Sengar went through a lot of tough tasks in the training of the Special Forces. As the series says, the officers of the Special Forces are made to undergo this harsh training because they work closely behind the enemy troops to take them down. This increases their chances of getting caught and facing the enemy’s torture.


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Actor Amit Sadh, in order to deliver these scenes of training with utter perfection, dedicated himself completely to the role. He too underwent these hardships to depict the training scenes with complete realism.

Jeet Ki Zid begins with Major Sengar holding his breath underwater in the chilly river of Kashmir. Amit Sadh delivered this scene by staying true and actually going through the same and holding his breath in the ice-cold water.

When there was a scene that showed the soldiers undergoing training, there was a part where they were made to lay on blocks of ice to strengthen their mind along with their body. Amit Sadh also shot that scene by actually laying on the block of ice!

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In Jeet Ki Zid, Major Deep Singh Sengar had a senior officer, Col. Chowdhary (Sushant Singh), who made his officers undergo training in the harshest of environments to make them strong. There was a scene when they were made to soldier-crawl on a rocky path. Amit Sadh, while actually soldier-crawling on the pebbles, nearly injured himself. Kudos to him and also to the fellow actors portraying his fellow officers, who dedicated themselves to perfecting their roles.

In his earlier days of selection in Special Forces, Major Sengar was asked to run 10 km, lifting a man who weighed 110 kgs, to be selected for the Special Forces. Amit Sadh, though not for 10 km, did really lift his co-star who weighed almost double than Amit.

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In the last episode of Jeet Ki Zid, we see Col Chowdhary take Major Sengar back to his training days, to make him able to walk again. Major Sengar, in that scene, was suddenly asked to switch from his wheelchair to a pair of crutches. Amit Sadh, to portray this scene and the struggle with utter perfection, gave his all. However, in the moment of displaying the Major’s struggle to use crutches for the first time, he fell face-first on the ground. Despite that fall and chances of injuries, he stayed in the character, and the scene was finished in one take.


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