Is COVID19 Reinfection A Threat To India’s Fight Against The Virus?

Two health experts bust myths surrounding reinfection of Corona in patients and talk about the recovery journey and after-effects of the virus

Raghav N

September 23, 2020

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As India’s COVID19 recovery rate increases to more than 80%, there is still a looming concern of whether a possible reinfection could shadow the fight against the virus.

While medical professionals believe that the absence of the Immunoglobulin G (IGG) antibodies could lead to a reinfection in some people, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) is not worried about the same, citing that a possible recurrence is rare and mild.

In August 2020, Hong Kong announced the first case of a second-time positive 33-year-old Europe-returned man. A few such cases have emerged in India too.

Dr. Hemant P. Thacker, Consulting Physician across top hospitals in Mumbai said that while theoretically the phenomenon is possible, practically more evidence is required to establish the same, for which Genome Sequencing should be conducted.

Thacker however agreed that weaker immune systems may produce weaker varieties of antibodies, hence exposing that individual to more frequent illness.

Speaking about the recovery from Corona, the physician said that the turnaround time for most patients is reducing, though he also believes that many recovered patients may develop lung disabilities in the future.

Dr. Rajesh Chawla, a senior Pulmonologist in Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi, also joined the debate and revealed that a person can be positive even up to 140 days, which doesn’t necessarily mean that he is infected again. He added that cases of patients testing positive for a second time can be counted on the fingers. Dr. Chawla also said that those with diabetes, pneumonia and heart issues should come back for regular check-ups post recovery.

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