International Tiger Day: Number Of Tigers In India Doubled In The Last 12 Years

India now has around 70% of the world’s tiger population with Madhya Pradesh housing the highest number.

Neel Raju Nalawade

July 29, 2020

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The decrease in number of tigers has always been a big concern in India. Due to rampant poaching and hunting, tigers in India were on the verge of extinction. However, with several rules being imposed against poaching and hunting of tigers, the numbers have shown a great improvement in the past few years. July 29 is celebrated as Global Tiger Day and we have some good news – tiger count has doubled in the last 12 years and today India has around 70% of the world’s tiger population according to sources.

PM Narendra Modi made an announcement that with an increase in tiger population in India, the nation ranks among the top habitats in the world. Madhya Pradesh has the highest number of tigers. The measures taken in protection of this wild species have shown amazing results so far and the government assures that it will continue to work upon preserving and protecting tigers in India.

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