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How Going Back To Playing Kabaddi Will Help Kamali Overcome Her Personal Issues


June 26, 2020

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Check out the reasons as to why Kamali should go back to playing Kabaddi to feel better in life.

As we all know, Amulya Gowda essays the role of a kabaddi player Kamali in the show of the same name, who is strong, smart, and everything you want in a girl. She leads an entire team and possesses the ability to perform under pressure. She overcomes the greatest of hurdles that she faces personally as well as professionally, but never gives up!

So far, Rishi and Kamali have fixed the date of their engagement and a handful of people are waiting to create a bunch of hurdles in their life so that they don’t unite. Kamali has been completely distracted by the same as her problems with Rishi’s family have been an ongoing issue. In order to make things better for herself, she must focus on what is more important in her life. Her career in Kabaddi has currently been stalled but she must pursue the game to move forward even if her personal life is more complicated than expected.

On the other hand, pursuing Kabaddi will help her focus her energy on her game and help her become more productive instead of spending so much time thinking about other problems. She will become more fit, focused and as a result, will be able to take her skills to the next level so that she can compete on a state level as well. She will also have a sense of accomplishment when she practices on a daily basis and goes for matches wherein she will have a very good chance of winning those games, too.

Thus, Kamali must start playing her game of Kabaddi and work towards building her professional career.

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