Hina Khan And Asim Riaz Turn On Funny Tweets Fest On The Sudden Breakdown Of Instagram, Facebook, And WhatsApp

The breakdown of Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp last night made the celebrities like Hina Khan, Asim Riaz and Vir Das put on their creative caps. These funny tweets will get you rolling on the floor laughing


October 5, 2021

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The advancement of technology and the constant upgrading and evolving of mobile models, and new apps launched every second day have made a human’s life very strong in terms of having everything a tap away. The disruption of any could make him helpless to a limit. While these apps are entertaining and engaging enough, they also add boredom while they are gone. If you are someone who enjoys using Instagram, Facebook, and WhatsApp a lot then last night’s breakdown would have been a lot for you. Well looks like while Gmail and Twitter’s functioning wasn’t affected Hina Khan, Asim Riaz and Vir Das turned on a funny tweet fest and also shared their takes about the same. 

Hina Khan Tweeted saying that she doesn’t care about the rest but WhatsApp included an irritating emotion in her. She also added a monkey emoji at the end.

Check out the post here:


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Asim Riaz shared a simple statement saying Hi to Twitter with a cool emoji.

Thi basic hello got lots of funny replies from his fans and some even made songs of it.

Check out the post here:

Vir Das completely killed it in this funny tweet fest. He was one of the few people who tweeted about the breakdown on Twitter. His post read that as Instagram is down, nobody can slay and the only ‘Yaaas’ queen is in England.

Another funny point that Vir Das shared for Instagram posers is that Instagram has abandoned them and this is the moment of reckoning and Vir Das also asked the fir boys to look at their 6 packs as they’re serving them no purpose except for teaching them to count.

Another funny take was for all those who visited the Maldives recently and Vir said that there should be a moment of silence as their Maldives images have nowhere to go.

Check out the post here: 

Well, all these funny tweets induced a lot of laughter, and even netizens engaged in this banter making it a fun, light-hearted time for all social media buffs.

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