Health Benefits Of Gooseberry Or Amla That You Might Have Not Known

From your skin to your scalp, Amla can make any part of your body healthier. Here’s how!

From culinary uses to traditional medicine, Gooseberry or Amla as we like to call it, has made its way everywhere and is more beneficial than you could ever guess. Be it weight loss or health issues, Amla can help you with anything. Here are a few ways Amla could help you in ways that you did not know about.

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Amla can be extremely good for your skin and hair when applied in appropriate quantities. It also acts as a natural dye for grey hair, so the next time you consider dying your hair, Amla can be a viable option for the same. Apart from that, Amla also acts as an anti-ageing agent for your skin. Women in India have resorted to this method for ages now.

Amla contains Vitamin C which cures and prevents cold and is good for your respiratory tract. Apart from this Amla is also rich in Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus which make your bones stronger and healthier. Another fact about Amla is that it is extremely Fibre-rich and contains dietary fibres too which helps in detox and weight loss. It also helps in curing PEPTIC ULCER. Dietary fibres also decrease the risk of cubs and indigestion making your stomach and pancreas healthier.

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Amla reduces the risk of Anemia if it is had regularly.  Anemia is a condition in which you lack enough healthy red blood cells to carry adequate oxygen to your body’s tissues, Amla cures it by increasing the red blood cell count. Amla has all the benefits of an anti-oxidant which is also good for the retinas. Amla also increases the light in your eyes while decreasing the burning sensation

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