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Happy Birthday, Tejaswwini Pandit: When The Actress Challenged Fashion Norms By Adding Her Own Twist

Aboli Vaze

May 23, 2021

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As it is Tejaswwini Pandit’s birthday today, let us take a look at five of her outfits that challenged fashion norms in a quirky way!

Actress Tejaswwini Pandit is one of the most stylish and beautiful actresses in the Marathi film industry. In fact, she is one of those divas who loves experimenting with fashion and doesn’t hesitate from trying new trends. She is actually quite the trendsetter too and believes in adding a twist of her own in whatever she wears. Well, don’t we always love it when someone challenges existing fashion norms and comes up with something more creative? As it is her birthday today, let us take a look at five of her outfits that challenged fashion norms.

Watch Ye Re Ye Re Paisa ft. Tejaswini Pandit here:

In this photo, Tejaswwini is wearing a simple saree laced with a golden border. She has ditched the regular blouse for this look and instead opted for a bralette. Her intention behind doing this was to tell people that it does not matter if you are ‘tall, thin, curvy, or short – whatever you are, you are beautiful.’

Have you ever seen someone drape a saree as a scarf? Well, Tejaswwini did it and she totally slayed the look. She opted for a pink animal printed saree with a blue blouse and styled the loose end of her saree as a scarf. She rounded off her look with a pair of sunglasses and a belt to make it even more off-beat.

We feel no one does fusion wear better than the birthday girl. Take a look at this photo below, she has worn a see-through top with what seems to be a saree. Her top is adorned with stars and that looks stunning. She is pulling off this look with so much confidence and we love that!

Fashion is so much about the intricate details, right? The best way to challenge an existing style would be to change those details and that is exactly what Tejaswwini has done with this look. When it comes to a saree, it is all about the print and Tejaswwini is donning the most quirky and creative print here – a mickey mouse print. The material comes after print and she has opted for the most unique blouse material to go with this look and that is denim.

With two space buns and the biggest pocket in skirt ever, everything about this outfit is unique. We generally don’t find such large pockets in female clothes, yet here it is in her skirt. And, it even has an adorable message written on it! What we also don’t usually see is a nath along with a tank top but as she’s all about breaking norms, she is wearing ethnic accessories with fusion wear and looking as lovely as ever.

So, which look of Tejaswwini did you like the most? We hope that she continues to create more such looks and share them on social media to inspire other girls to have fun with fashion. Here’s wishing her a very happy birthday!

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