GAL GADOT: Promises she will not sing if we get vaccinated

The famous Wonder Woman and Fast and Furious star Gal Gadot jokes about her singing the song Imagine by posting a snippet from the famous Tv show Family Guy in which is made fun of, and promises not sing again if her fans get vaccinated.


September 25, 2021


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From Fast and The Furious to The Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot is shining in the world of Hollywood. While keeping her fans entertained on screen, she also makes sure that her fans are taken care of on social media, which can be said by her recent post on Instagram. She has posted a snippet of a very popular TV show called Family Guy in which she is joked about.

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The video starts with Peter Griffin not wanting to get vaccinated and the dog Brian and Peter’s youngest child Stewie explaining the public about how important it is to get vaccinated. Gal Gadot, with the help of the video, encourages her fans to get vaccinated as the video shows us how we can keep our loved ones and all others around us safe if we are vaccinated. The video shows us the COVID 19 virus tends to mutate if not killed.

A little towards the end of the Video, Stewie says that if the virus mutates, it could affect a human body in very harmful ways and no vaccine will work on it and we would all have to start over again and that is where he mentions Gal Gadot singing Imagine during the first wave of Covid and shows concern of not wanting to hear that again.

Gal Gadot laughing states on her Instagram post, promising her fans that she would sing again if we call get vaccinated, conveying a message that we should keep ourselves and our loved ones protected. The actor jokes about her singing in a positive way despite the fact that she had received a lot of criticism on her video according to

Her fans on social media appreciate her sense humor and also her efforts to educate the public about Covid 19 vaccinations which can be seen in the comments on her posts.

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