From Barfi To Mary Kom Here’s The List Of Priyanka Chopra’s Best Performances

Priyanka is multi-talented; she’s beautiful, she’s international. She’s also featured on Time magazine for being a global icon. We love Priyanka’s different roles in movies


September 26, 2021


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Priyanka Chopra is a former Miss World, an actor, a singer, and now a producer. She has shown the world what she can do on her own. Priyanka Chopra is one of the most accomplished people in Bollywood and arguably, worldwide. From playing a negative role to being the star of a show in Hollywood, Priyanka has made her journey beautiful. Here are the charming actresses’ roles that would make you mad. 

1. Mary Kom

Priyanka Chopra played the role of the Olympic medalist, Mary Kom, a boxer. Her performance in the film proved that she could pull off any part she wanted to. As an athlete, she threw punches like a boxer. She depicted the story of Mary Kom so well that her strength and character could go precisely with the boxer. She played the role of a woman who proved all the people who went against her wrong. With her grit and determination, Priyanka proved that she could make any part she played seem great. 



2. Barfi 

Barfi! won Priyanka Chopra praises from all around the world. Barfi won many awards and was screened at the Cannes Film festival in France. Priyanka looked almost unrecognisable in the film while she played the role of an autistic person. Her body language and innocence portrayed her emotions as a disabled woman. Priyanka revealed she had done an extensive research to prepare for her character and met many autistic patients to fit in the role. 



3. 7 Khoon Maaf

Priyanka Chopra has done darker roles, and 7 Khoon Maaf is one of them. She is applauded as an Anglo Indian woman, Susanna Anna-Marie Johannes, who murders all her husbands. Priyanka took care of the whole film herself. In the film, Susanna tries to find love, but 6 of her husbands fail to be her soulmate, and she kills them while living with the 7th one. Her role as a murderer revealed her darker side, which made her open to many roles. 



We wish to see Priyanka don many roles ahead and wish her all the best! 

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