Expiry Date Review: This Gripping Thriller Will Take You On An Unpredictable Ride With #BuriedSecrets

Tony Luke and Sneha Ullal shine in this brilliant series backed by an interesting story that you can watch in both Hindi and Telugu.

Expiry Date is a 10 episode romantic thriller series. The series stars Tony Luke, Sneha Ullal, Madhu Shalini and Ali Reza in leading roles. This intriguing series explores the dark side of love, with emotions like lust, betrayal and hate all coming together to tell a story that you can’t stop watching. This 10 episode series is a pot-boiler with unexpected twists and turns that will leave you guessing throughout.

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Vishwa is a loving and caring husband who is in love with his wife, Disha. However, Disha has been cheating on him, since the time they got married, with Sunny (Ali Reza). The realisation devastates him and changes him as a person. He decides to kill himself but then decides to get revenge on Disha and Sunny. In the meantime, Sunny’s wife Sunitha (Madhu Shalini) also finds out about her husband’s infidelity.

Despite the plot twists and mystery, you will be drawn in by the characters. Tony Luke as Vishwa shows his range, from being a happily married man and a successful businessman to a liar and manipulative criminal. Madhu Shalini is extremely believable in her role as the wife who is tired of her husband’s infidelity but is reluctant to do anything to really punish him, and keeps getting pulled in deeper into the mess.

Sneha Ullal as Disha, and Ali Reza as Sunny, portray characters with grey shades. While you initially judge them for shamelessly cheating on their partners, it will soon turn into sympathy. The supporting cast including the police inspector Deva, Vishwa’s secretary Monica (Jeniffer Piccinato) and the family members, also become a part of the cat and mouse game to find out the guilty.

This is one of the few stories where the less you know about what is going to happen, the more exciting it is to watch. One of the real merits of this story is that it starts off with the brutal scene of Vishwa being tortured in an abandoned warehouse. While there are hooks at the end of each episode, you will always keep wondering about how Vishwa ended up with someone drilling holes into his legs and shoulder.

Written and directed by Shankar K Marthand, this series has a singular vision and deserves credit as it got completed in a short time and that too, under lockdown restrictions. Anoop Rubens heart-thumping music is in keeping with the suspense and thrill on this series. Being a bilingual series in Hindi and Telugu, the cast should also get brownie points for putting in the effort and delivering their Hindi dialogues accurately.

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