Expiry Date: Meet The Cast Of This Upcoming Romantic Thriller

The cast of #ExpiryDateOnZEE5 brings you popular faces from the Telugu film industry like Tony Luke and Sneha Ullal.

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September 10, 2020


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Expiry Date is a new story of romance and murder set to release on October 2, 2020. This series sets up for a thrilling October, which will also see the release of the highly popular revenge thriller Poison 2. Expiry Date is directed by Shankar K Marthand who has worked as a writer and director for many popular Telugu films. The series tells the story of a couple, Vishwa and Disha, whose seemingly perfect marriage is ruined when Vishwa catches Disha cheating on him.

Here are the talented actors who will bring this intriguing thriller to the screen.

1. Tony Luke as Vishwa

Tony Luke on the sets of Expiry Date
Source: Instagram

After making his Hindi film debut in the Amitabh Bacchan and Taapse Pannu-starrer Badla, Tony Luke will be starring in Expiry Date. He plays the role of Vishwa, who is shocked to find his wife cheating on him. This incident changes him as a person and he goes from being a truthful and honest man to a manipulative liar.

2. Sneha Ullal as Disha

Sneha Ullal from Expiry Date on ZEE5
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Sneha Ullal who made her debut opposite Salman Khan in 2005 before making her name in the Telugu film industry is set to make her digital debut with this series. She plays the role of Disha, a strong and opinionated modern woman. She is calculative and knows how to get her way in life.

3. Madhu Shalini as Sunita

Madhushalini from Expiry Date on ZEE5
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Madhu Shalini, the former Miss Andhra Pradesh, is a popular star in Telugu films, and has worked in Kannada, Tamil, and Hindi cinema as well. She will be seen playing the role of Sunita, a conservative and timid woman. Sunita is surprised to find out that her husband is cheating on her but refuses to take the betrayal lightly.

Watch the trailer for her film Pancharaaksharam here.

4. Ali Reza as Sunny

Ali Reza from Expiry Date on ZEE5
Source: Instagram

Ali Reza is an actor and model who has starred in popular Telugu film like Dhruva. He will be playing the role of Sunny, a fitness freak and gym owner. He is a ladies man but his main goal is to earn money by any means. His charming personality makes it hard to glean his evil intentions.

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