El Mariachi Review: Robert Rodriguez’s Classic Crime Saga Converses Through Well-Crafted Action Sequences!

Based on the theme of mistaken identity, Robert Rodriguez certainly pulled off an intriguing and well-executed action drama. The film premieres on 07th May 2021 exclusively on &Prive HD. Don’t miss out!

From Alfonso Cuarón’s ‘Y Tu Mamá También’ to Alejandro Inarritu’s ‘Amores Perros’, we definitely have an enthralling view of Mexico in cinema. And these films have scored big on the international arena portraying Mexico at its best. However, it all began in 1992 when Robert Rodriguez’s action flick El Mariachi became the talk of the entertainment world. The Spanish-language film set in Mexico revolves around a guitarist El Mariachi (Carlos Gallardo) and his escapades with deadly mobsters. Mariachi’s life turns upside down when he is mistaken as a gangster amidst a gang war in the town.

The motifs in Robert Rodriguez’s action drama El Mariachi will make you recall modern-age Mexican cinema. And this certainly proves how this classic crime saga has been an inspiration to many filmmakers. The film opens up with a series of silence-driven frames. In a worn-out prison cell, a criminal-minded Azul (Reinol Martinez) operates his business. He gets in touch with his partner-in-crime Moco (Peter Marquardt) and enquires about his share from their recently accomplished mission. The latter refuses to do so and thus chaos ensues!

Three gunmen are sent to assassinate Azul in the cell, however, he escapes and decides to plot revenge against Moco. And this first act from the film gives you an insight into the action-filled drama that lays ahead in the story. Well, it’s not just about two crime lords locking horns in a battle of ego. Rodriguez offers tons of surprises in this action-oriented drama.

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We are soon introduced to our main protagonist El Mariachi, an aspiring musician who along with his ‘guitar case’ is on a journey towards a town. He believes that the “town would bring luck” to his life. Mariachi has been a struggling artist following the footsteps of his father and grandfather. However, his mediocrity and the evolving world have somehow affected his artistic approach. He wanders from bar to bar in search of an “unpaid” job but to no avail.

On the other side, there’s Moco who with his criminal power, has a grip over the town. Unbeknownst to him, a furious Azul enters the town to seek his revenge. In his black-cad attire and a ‘guitar case’ full of deadly weapons, he enters one of the bars owned by Moco and assassinates six of his henchmen. Moco plans to take over Azul before he reaches him and thus he orders his gunmen to kill Azul.

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However, the twist surfaces over the plot when our hero El Mariachi is mistaken as Azul due to his similar attire. While Mariachi is still getting over the trauma of his job rejections, another tragedy strikes as he gets chased by some deadly gangsters. In his self-defence, he ends up killing a few of them. Later, he shelters in one of the bars where he befriends Domino (Consuelo Gomez) who realizes his problem and tries to help him. That’s how Rodrguez sets a stage for his epic crime saga.

In this 80-minute drama, there are plenty of well-crafted action sequences that are quite intriguing to watch. Considering the time it was made, El Mariachi surely paved a way for Tarantinosque crime dramas. The film is laden with ample twists that resurface on the plot at an apt time. For instance, as romance starts to bloom between El and Domino, there’s soon an unexpected moment as we are briefed about the latter’s relationship with Moco.

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Coming back to the story, as the drama paces ahead, we find El Mariachi unwantedly yet deeply involved in the world of crime. And nearing the climax, all misunderstandings and mistakes are cleared off. But it’s too late for that! And thus another action-driven sequence that gives a perfect resolution to this story starts. Based on the theme of mistaken identity, Rodriguez certainly pulled off a great story. For those unversed, it was his debut film and he shot it at the age of 24.

Apart from its enthralling action, the film also has a comic undertone which is portrayed via little notions. Both Azul and Moco are seemingly amateur gangsters and they have their “unique” styles. While Moco always wears white, Azul loves black, and for no certain reason. Also, the imagery of free-spirited Mexico acts as an interesting setting to the story.

Talking about performances, Carlos Gallardo as Mariachi is the show-stealer. Also, Peter Marquardt and Reinol Martinez’s impressive acts are the souls of this drama. The music in this action-drama is booming and blends perfectly with the theme of the story. From love ballads at the bar to high-pitched scores in chase sequences, the music is quite apt. Director Robert Rodriguez who also helmed the cinematography plays masterfully with the camera. Ultimate close-ups and shaky camera angles build up the tension.

Moreover, the classic crime saga El Mariachi speaks more through its well-crafted action sequences and is definitely worth your time. Don’t miss out on watching this. The film premieres on 07th May 2021 exclusively on &Prive HD.

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