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Did You Know Ranbir Kapoor Owns Some Of The Most Expensive Shoes? We Have The List


September 24, 2021

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Ranbir Kapoor is the rarest of all celebrities who stays away from Social media, but that doesn’t mean he’s not trendy. He is a fashion icon and has some of the most expensive shoes in his possession.

Whether Ranbir is in his ripped jeans or just a basic pair of joggers or when he’s outside playing football, the actor leaves no stone unturned in looking his best with his favourite expensive picks. He is also one of the biggest sneaker collectors in Bollywood, who has repeatedly worn some expensive sneakers that most of us cannot afford. Ever.

Doing his walk from the airport, Ranbir Kapoor was spotted wearing his quintessential Athleisure outfit. He wore Prada’s America cup sneakers. These expensive shoes with metallic finish work have all the customized enhancers. As simple as it might look, the sneakers cost a staggering amount of Rs 60,000.

If there was an award for someone who has the most expensive sneakers, I think we’d be happy to present it to Ranbir. The actor was once spotted on his way home wearing a pair of Rick Owens Geobasket sneakers. This pair of sneakers has an eccentric style and can’t be styled just simply like that. The pair costs around 65,000 rupees, and only Ranbir has pulled it off as of yet.

You can’t underestimate the amount of money Ranbir spends on his shoes. He has an expensive taste when it comes to shoes. The off-white Hi-Top sneakers that he was wearing last year went viral because of the hefty price tag. These sneakers are one of the most expensive in his collection and are worth Rupees. 2,74,691. That’s elite.

Ranbir is hardly seen at places when he is spotted; he makes sure it is significant. Very recently, when the lockdown was eased, Ranbir was wearing a costly pair of Nike x Off-White Air Jordan sneakers. The shoes are pretty subtle and look chunky, adding to anyone’s style quotient. These sneakers cost a staggering Rupees 3,05,719. Yes, let that sink in.

We love our elite king and wish him all the success.

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