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Did You Know Devmanus’ Dr. Ajit And Ratris Khel Chale’s Anna Naik Are Quite Similar? Read!

Aboli Vaze

March 29, 2021

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Doesn’t Ratris Khel Chale’s Anna Naik remind you of Dr Ajit from Devmanus? We think they are quite similar and share many common traits. Read on.

The much-anticipated threequel, Ratris Khel Chale 3, is finally out and the fans are already loving it. Ratris Khel Chale saga revolves around Anna Naik’s family following his mysterious death. Now that he has returned, viewers are definitely in for quite a thrilling ride. Speaking of thrillers, doesn’t Anna Naik remind you of Dr Ajit from Devmanus? We think Anna Naik and Dr Ajit are in fact quite similar and share many common traits. Find out what below!

Watch the latest episode of Ratris Khel Chale 3 below

1. Serial Killers

Both Anna Naik and ‘Devmanus’ Ajit are in fact, serial killers. While Naik’s identity as a murderer was already known, the doctor’s heinous past is finally coming to light. They have both committed unspeakable and innumerable crimes in the past which makes them similar to one another.

2. They are womanisers

Anna Naik was quite the womanizer years back. In fact, he even got involved in an extramarital affair with Shevanta and had an illegitimate child with her. As for Dr Ajit, his illicit amorous affairs are no secret and even he has a tendency to go from one woman to another.

3. Villagers treated them like Messiah

Despite being despicable men, both of them were treated like some sort of Messiahs by their villagers. While Anna Naik established his prominence through intimidation and power, the ‘doctor’ gained the titled of ‘Devmanus’ after supposedly saving his villagers. Meanwhile, he kept operating covertly on his other ‘ventures’.

4. Escaping their past

Anna Naik and Dr Ajit have both tried to cover all the bases when it comes to keeping their past a secret. However, the past caught up to Naik when Karma played its card and he lost his life for his misdeeds. As for the doctor, his secret is also starting to get exposed and we’re excited to find out how the dark thriller unfolds ahead.

5. No regards for relationships

There was once a time when Anna Naik did not care about his family at all. He has killed them, hurt them, threatened them and what not! Despite being married, he even got intimate with another woman and hurt his wife. The doctor, on the other hand, is responsible for the death of his former girlfriend and does not care much about family or relationships.

Can you think of some more similarities? Do let us know.

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