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Daughters’ Day 2020: Yellow, Strawberry Shake – 7 Films To Watch With Your Doting Daughter On This Special Day

Kedar Koli

September 26, 2020

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Here’s a list of seven films on ZEE5 that would make every parent hug their daughters out of love.

The fourth Sunday of September is approaching soon. The day is kept aside to celebrate the daughters in our family who inspire us every day with their resilient spirit. With that in mind, let’s cherish their importance in our life by treating them with due respect and allowing their dreams fly high. This can be done by celebrating every single moment of their existence and what better day than Daughters’ Day to begin with? On this special day, take some time off your busy schedules and binge-watch some films with them. Here’s a list of 7 films on ZEE5 that you can watch to honour the existence of your daughter. We begin with the 2014 release Yellow.

Watch the film here.

1. Yellow

It’s a film based on a girl named Gauri who’s suffering from Down’s Syndrome. While everyone tries to break her apart, Gauri’s mother Mugdha (Mrinal Kulkarni) inspires her to follow her passion. Gauri diverts her attention towards swimming and with the help of her coach Pratap (Upendra Limaye) comes out with flying colours. Just the right kind of motivation your daughter needs on this day, right?

2. Vegali Vaat

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Vegali Vaat is ZEE5‘s latest release which stars Neeta Donde, Dinesh Ingole, Sharad Jadhav, and Anaya Phatak in lead roles. The story is based on a humble farmer Ram and his family. After losing his land to a landlord, Ram sees hope in the form of his daughter Sonu who he thinks might save his honour. Sonu’s teacher is willing to help Ram out by providing him money to pay off his debts but there’s a catch involved! He wants Ram to part ways with his beloved daughter as he wants to adopt Sonu. Will Ram agree to give away his daughter in exchange for money? Find out now by watching the film here.

3. Strawberry Shake

Strawberry Shake on ZEE5
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Strawberry Shake is a light-hearted short film which explores the beautiful relationship of a father and a daughter. The film begins with Mrunmayee (Hruta Durgule) introducing her boyfriend to her father (Sumeet Raghvan) who pretends to be cool about it. Things become awkward when Mrunmayee asks for a condom from her father. The father is taken aback by his daughter’s straightforward approach but soon accepts the change when he realises that she’s right on her part. You should surely check this film out now! Watch it here.

4. Paywat: The Road Less Travelled

Paywat: The Road Less Travelled is the brainchild of Nagraj Manjule‘s Aatpat Productions. The film is the journey of a little girl child who struggles her way to reach school. Since she’s born in a family of labourers, the girl is burdened with responsibilities and is asked to look after the house all by herself. Despite this, she continues her journey down the same old road as she knows that education is the only way out for her. Watch the short film here.

5. Palshichi PT

Released in the year 2019, Palshichi PT is a film which tells the tale of Bhagi, the daughter of a shepherd who aspires to become an athlete. She is determined to make everyone proud even though her family doesn’t support her in the journey. Will Bhagi outrun the society in the race of poverty and discrimination? Watch the film here to find out if she does.

6. Taani

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The film is a heartfelt story of Taani’s journey from rags to riches. It’s that kind of the story which everyone can relate to. Taani, the daughter of poor rickshaw puller wants to get herself educated to end the sufferings of her poverty-stricken family. She makes immense sacrifices along with her family and follows the pathway to success. You better grab some tissues before you get down to watch this film here.

7. Mokla Shwaas

Mokla Shwaas is a film featuring actors like Sharad Ponkshe, Prateeksha Lonkar, Mohan Joshi, Sushant Shelar, and Mrunmayee Deshpande in pivotal roles. The film tries to deliver a social message about the illegal practice of selective sex abortion and break the overall stigma associated with the female gender. The story revolves around a father of three daughters who’s frustrated as he’s unable to conceive an heir for his family. It gets too late until he realises that her brilliant daughters are no less than a son. We bet you would hug your daughter out of love after watching this film. It is streaming now on ZEE5 here.

Celebrate the special day by watching more such entertaining films with your daughter only on ZEE5.

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