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Daar Ughad Baye 29 June 2023 Written Update: Mukta vows to find Sunil

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July 7, 2023

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Bhakti’s family supports her in a difficult situation. Mukta vows to find Sunil and seek justice for Bhakti. Mukta urges Bhakti to speak up and teach Sunil and Kanta a lesson.

In the previous episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Mukta and Sarang bump into Bhairu and Sunil on the way. Later, while Kanta tries to molest Bhakti, Sarang and Mukta reach there in time and teach Kanta a lesson. This infuriates Arya and Ambika.

In the latest episode of Daar Ughad Baye, Bhakti’s family is taken aback by her condition. Raosaheb inquires with Sarang about Kanta and Sunil. Sarang informs him that Kanta has been arrested by the police. Determined to teach Kanta a lesson himself, Raosaheb makes a solemn vow. Atmaram, overwhelmed with emotions, expresses his regret to everyone and entrusts Kusum with the responsibility of caring for the devastated Bhakti. Concern arises as Bhakti refuses to let anyone touch her. Sarang attempts to communicate with Bhakti, but she remains unresponsive. Everyone implores Bhakti to speak up. Mukta, in a pivotal moment, slaps Bhakti, jolting her back to reality. Bhakti embraces Mukta, releasing her emotions through tears. She is reluctant to accept Kusum’s revelation about Sunil’s true nature. Bhakti confides in Mukta, expressing her desire to meet Sunil one last time. She implores Mukta to find him. Mukta, promising Bhakti to fulfill her wish, resolves to seek Sunil out and teach him a lesson. Raosaheb advises Bhakti to rest, while Sarang and Papya embark on the search for Sunil. Mukta, however, stays by Bhakti’s side, as Bhakti listens to her alone.
In another instance, Ved notices Renuka in tears and questions her. Renuka shares her reluctance to mistreat Ved’s parents and her desire to care for them without disrespect. Ved reassures her, emphasizing that she is doing nothing wrong. He encourages Renuka to pursue her dreams and become independent, citing Jaya’s example and promoting women’s empowerment. Renuka expresses gratitude for having Ved in her life. Kusum, overcome with emotions, opens up to Atmaram, who directs his anger towards Kanta. A furious Atmaram vows to harm Kanta and Sunil, but Kusum manages to calm him down. Meanwhile, Raosaheb discusses the situation at Mukta’s house with Bhausaheb and receives a call from Vaijayanti. He updates her about the circumstances and Mukta’s request for help. Mukta urges Bhakti to let go of the past and move forward. However, Bhakti’s memories resurface, causing her restlessness. Mukta tries to motivate Bhakti. Vaijayanti, upon learning about the situation, is shocked and expresses her remorse. She consoles Kusum, assuring her that Bhakti will be taken care of. In her anger, Mukta urges Bhakti to speak up and teach Sunil and Kanta a lesson. However, Bhakti shares her conflicted feelings about Sunil, revealing the pain she experiences after his betrayal.

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